Jordan Faces Do-or-Die Week: Still Needs 15 or More Votes

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) worked tirelessly all weekend to get the votes lined up for a vote on the floor of the House for speakership.

Several sources close to his efforts say that his team believes they are between 15 and 19 votes shy of the magic 217.

Some think the gap is even larger. Jordan lost the secret ballot to Austin Scott, R. Ga.

Team Jordan now wants to move the vote up to the floor. His supporters claim that the floor vote will be public and there will be significant pressure for Republicans to vote in favor of Jordan.


Even the former president Donald Trump quietly called on-the fence members to secure a Jordan vote.

Jordan is facing a powerful anti-Jordan movement that wants “anyone but Jim,” according to a House member.

The Democrats have their own plans.

Four House Democrats put forward a proposal late this week that could jeopardize GOP plans.

Four centrist Democrats from the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus – Reps. Josh Gottheimer, Ed Case, Susie Lee, and Jasen Golden of Maine – wrote to Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry (R.-NC) on Saturday saying that they would support him in increments of 15 days as interim speaker.

After the expiration of the continuing resolution next month, the House could proceed with such measures as funding for the federal government and aid to Israel.

Several state legislatures, including Connecticut, California and New Jersey, have used “coalition speaker” tactics over the last half century.

The majority of Republican members who spoke with Newsmax dismissed immediately the Problem Solvers suggestion.

A lawmaker said, upon hearing the deal, “This sounds as if it will give the Democrats some sort of power in the House, despite them being a minority, and we [the GOP House Members] will pay for it dearly in ’24.”

Jordan supporters believe that they are on the verge of victory.

Gary Palmer, R.-Ala., who is a big fan of Jordan, said: “The true measure of a leadership is their ability to increase their impact, and how they have a mission and sense of purpose.” “Jim is a leader of that type.”

Rep. John Moolenaar (R-Mich.) told us there was a “pathway for Jim Jordan” to become Speaker. It’s only that he needs to talk to different legislators than [House Minority Leader Steve] Scalise.

Insiders bet that Jordan won’t be able close the deal.

He will need to decide later in the week whether he wants to continue voting or step aside to allow other members to submit their names.