Kevin McCarthy Cancels Rashida Tlaib’s Antisemitic Event at U.S. Capitol

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, cancelled Rashida Tlaib’s antisemitic speech at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. McCarthy will instead host a “bipartisan conversation to honor the US-Israel 75th Anniversary” in its place.

Tlaib organized a Wednesday memorial event at the Capitol Visitor Center in honor of Israel’s founding. According to Washington Free Beacon, the event was held to commemorate the “Nakba,” a Palestinian word for the founding of Israel which loosely translates to “catastrophe.”

The Washington Free Beacon has detailed the Washington Free Beacon:

Tlaib had been scheduled to headline an anti-Israel event, along with several organizations who support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, a anti-Semitic attempt to wage economic warfare on Israel. Jewish Voice for Peace, an “anti-Israel radical activist group”, has been criticized for promoting the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. Emgage Action is another BDS advocate that calls Israel an “apartheid-state” and Americans for Justice in Palestine Action is an advocacy group which claims Jewish money infects politics.

They don’t want me talking about it.

The “campaign experts” tell me not to talk about abortion. They say it’s “too divisive.” “Just focus on the economy.” But I can’t stay silent. The lives of the preborn matter to me just as much today as before Roe was overturned! I’m Pastor Micah Beckwith. If you want leaders in our government that will protect the preborn, then help me win today!

They don’t want me talking about it.
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The invitation to Wednesday’s event claims that Israel is brutalizing Palestinians and accuses the “Zionist militias”, of violently expelling Palestinians when Israel was founded in 1948.

The invitation states: “On May 15th, 75 years have passed since the Nakba began, which is Arabic for ‘catastrophe’.” “Seventy five years ago, Zionist militas and the newly formed Israeli military violently displaced approximately three quarters of the Palestinians in their homeland and homes within what is now Israel.”

McCarthy, however, intervened Tuesday and prevented Tlaib to host the event. He replaced it with his pro-Israel discussion.

McCarthy tweeted: “This event at the US Capitol has been canceled.” McCarthy tweeted: “Instead, instead of hosting a bipartisan conversation to honor the 75th Anniversary of the US-Israel Relationship.

McCarthy told The Free Beacon that it was wrong for Congress members to use anti-Semitic tropes in their remarks about Israel. As long as I am Speaker, we will support Israel’s self-determination right and self-defense in an unambiguous and bipartisan manner.