Lincoln Project adviser demands Democrats start calling Biden a ‘great president’

Stuart Stevens said Biden was an ‘historically’ great president.

Stuart Stevens is an advisor for the Lincoln Project. He recently said that Democrats should start referring to President Biden as a “great President” and not only a “better option” than former president Trump.

“A plea to all my Democratic friends. It’s finally time to call Joe Biden an outstanding president. Not good. It’s not a better option than Donald Trump. Joe Biden was a great president in history. In an op/ed he wrote for the New Republic, he said: “Say it with passion and conviction that it is true.”

Stevens urged Democrats to make the election more than just a choice between an “erratic, unstable president” or a “normal and stable president.”


“Don’t enter 2024 with a game plan for winning because Donald Trump poses an existential danger to democracy. It’s true that he is. But that’s just to argue that Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. Stevens went on to say that it’s not a reason why Joe Biden should get reelected.

The message of the president has been largely focused around Trump, and they have made the election into a choice between Biden or the former president who they consider a threat against democracy.

Stop the nonsense about Joe Biden only having a chance of winning if his opponent is weak. Stevens wrote that it’s not only wrong, but dangerous to completely misjudge Donald Trump’s power.

He pointed to the record-high stock market, strong unemployment figures and forgiveness of student loans for 3 million borrowers.

Stevens said that Biden had “met the moment” and told Democrats to wake up and “show some gratitude.”

Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, recently issued a warning regarding Biden’s chances for re-election. Schmidt suggested that his campaign was currently in a “death spiral” with less than 9 months left until the election in 2024.

“The Biden campaign has entered this week into a death spiral.” Schmidt wrote that this is the most serious moment for an incumbent president in this time frame since Lyndon Johnson announced in 1968 his intention to drop out of the race.

Biden chose not to participate in a Super Bowl press interview on February 11.

Democratic strategists wondered whether it was “a sign” that Biden’s team had little faith in him. CNN’s Jake Tapper asked “what is he afraid of” when he wondered why Biden was not taking the opportunity.

After Special Counsel Roberthur released his report about Biden’s handling classified documents, he’s faced with increasing questions regarding his age and his memory.