Majority Of Americans Say Biden Got Special Treatment In Classified Documents Investigation, Poll Finds

A new poll shows that just over half of the voters who responded to it believe President Joe Biden was treated differently during Robert Hur’s special counsel investigation into his handling classified documents.

Reuters/Ipsos conducted a survey that found 53% of Americans polled agreed that “Biden got special treatment because he’s the U.S. President.” This majority included 29% Democrats who agreed with this statement. The poll, which lasted four days, ended on Monday. Results were released on Tuesday.

Hur’s report was released last Thursday on Biden handling classified documents. The report concluded that “there is evidence that President Biden willfully maintained and disclosed classified material after his vice president when he served as a private citizen,” however, it said that “no criminal charge in this case” would be warranted.

Nearly half of those surveyed by Reuters/Ipsos — 46% — admitted that they knew at least somewhat about Hur’s less than flattering description of Biden. The poll revealed other troubling results for Biden’s reelection campaign. Reuters reported 78% of respondents, including 71% Democrats, believed the president was too old to continue in government. Only 53% said Donald Trump, aged 77, is too old for office.

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Trump, who has his own case involving classified documents, claimed last week that Biden’s exoneration by the special counsel was “selective persecution.”

The former president stated, “If Biden will not be charged… then that’s their decision. But I shouldn’t be charged.” “This is nothing but selective persecution of Biden’s political rival, me.”

After leaving office, Trump was charged with 40 counts of handling classified documents. These include obstruction charges against government officials who were trying to retrieve the documents. The FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in August 2022, to seize the classified documents. Trump, however, has maintained his innocence by claiming that the Presidential Records Act protects him.

In a Thursday evening press conference, Biden said that the conclusion of the special counsel report meant the classified documents scandal was behind him. The president was also irritated by reporters who wanted to know about the revelations in the report regarding his memory. Biden replied, stating that he was “the most qualified American to be president.”