MRC’s Bozell Seeks to Block Soros Radio Buy Up

Media Research Center (MRC), President Brent Bozell, filed a formal request with the Federal Communication Commission on Tuesday to ask that the agency do not expedite George Soros’ billionaire liberal attempt to takeover Audacy, which is the second largest radio company in the U.S. after iHeart Media.

MRC reported that Soros, his Soros Fund Management and SFM have pushed the FCC to accept assignment applications in order to become Audacy’s largest shareholder.

According to bankruptcy filings by the New York Post, Soros would have 230 U.S. Radio Stations including New York’s WFAN, 1010 WINS and Los Angeles’ KROQ.

Bozell stated in his filing that “There is no doubt that George Soros, and his affiliated companies are looking to control radio stations to further their particular brand or activism.”


Soros asked the FCC not to follow the Communications Act which requires that the agency conduct a “public-interest” analysis before it approves such an acquisition.

“Right before the elections, Democrats on the Commission try to grease the wheels to allow George Soros to buy skads for radio stations across America… Dan Schneider, MRC Vice-President for Free Speech America, said: “I don’t believe that this is a coincidence.”

Soros suggested that the FCC could use its “special-warrant” process to bypass proper review.

Bozell stated that the Communications Act did not include a Soros-specific shortcut. “And the FCC shouldn’t countenance this demand for one.”

SFM has offered to pay $400 million for 40% of Audacy shares.

Bozell wrote: “The Soros filings do not demonstrate that, in this case, any interest in a reasonably efficient exit from bankruptcy can’t be accommodated at the same time as assessing the interests of foreign ownership.” “Instead, the Soros groups appear to be simply trying create an entirely different process or rule where stations that are in bankruptcy get special treatment,” Bozell wrote.

According to MRC, Soros has given more than $130m to other media organisations to promote his leftist agenda from 2016 to 2020. He has also given to the International Fact-Checking Network which coordinates efforts for censorship between left-wing outlets like The Washington Post, Meta platforms (Facebook Instagram Threads and WhatsApp) and The Washington Post.

The Post reported that a fund with Soros’s name last summer paid $350m for Vice Media which was bankrupt and valued at $6bn at its peak.

Soros supported the formation of the Latino Media Network in 2022 after purchasing 10 radio stations from TelevisaUnivision. This acquisition was made in response to surveys showing that Democrats were losing their support among Latinos.

Radio Mambi, a Cuban radio station popular with hardline Cubans in Miami was not pleased by the deal.

At a press conference organized by the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, Irina Villarino, a co-owner of a chain of Cuban restaurant in South Florida said, “We’d have to be blind and deaf not to understand the motivations behind this purchase.”