MTG introduces amendment to require House members to enlist in Ukrainian military if they vote for Ukraine aid

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R-GA), introduced an amendment that would require any House member who votes in favor of the Ukraine Aid Bill to be conscripted into the Ukrainian Military.

The amendment obtained by Axios journalist Juliegrace Brufke read: “Any member of Congress who votes for this Act will be required to conscript into the Ukrainian military.”

Greene, quoting the post as an example, described it as a measure of common sense.

She said, “I mean why not go fight in the war if you’re going to fund it?” “Show your solidarity with Ukraine.”


House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-LA, announced his plan earlier on Wednesday to pass foreign assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan as well as defense measures after months of gridlock. It is planned to combine the four bills into one rules bill, before they are brought to the floor to be voted on individually. According to several legislators, after the bills are passed, they will be combined to create a single piece legislation that can be voted upon in the Senate.

Greene, a Republican hardliner, was the most outraged by this move. Georgia Republican, who has made aid to Ukraine a redline, is taking steps to remove Johnson as speaker if he continues to push it.

Ukraine’s military has suffered a sharp decline since the summer of last year, when the long-anticipated Zaporizhzhia counteroffensive was a failure. In February, the Russians took over the key city of Avdiivka. Since then, Moscow’s forces are slowly but steadily making their way across the majority of the front. An expected offensive in the summer is expected to put even more strain on the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian leadership has blamed its losses primarily on the deterioration of Western aid, particularly from the U.S.