Nancy Pelosi evicted from her private office in the Capitol by interim House speaker

The new speaker pro tempore evicted Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) from her office at the Capitol.

Fox News Digital confirmed the House Speaker pro tempore Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) gave Pelosi the order to vacate her Capitol hiding place by Wednesday.

McHenry was a close friend of Kevin McCarthy, R.-Calif.’s, now former House Speaker, who lost his position on Tuesday.

McHenry’s eviction was one of his first acts as House leader.

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Politico first reported the eviction to Pelosi in an email.

In the email, it was stated that “the speaker’s office” would be using the hideaway of former speaker.

The email stated: “Please vacate tomorrow as the room will be rekeyed.”

Pelosi was helped by the staff of House Majority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) on Tuesday. According to a former speaker’s spokesperson, the former Speaker had the help of the House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Capitol hideaways, a staple in the Senate but a luxury available only to select House members, are an important part of their lives.

Pelosi stated in a press release that “with all the important decisions the new Republican Leadership will have to make, we all await them eagerly.” One of the first things the new Speaker pro Tempore did was to tell me to vacate my Capitol office immediately.

“Unfortunately, because I’m in California to pay tribute and mourn my dear friend Dianne, I can’t retrieve my belongings right now,” said the former Speaker.

Pelosi stated that “this eviction is an abrupt departure from tradition.” “As Speaker I gave Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the House for as long as desired a suite of offices that was significantly larger.”

Former speaker: “I don’t think office space is important for me, but it appears to be very important for them.”

She concluded, “Now that new Republican Leadership have settled this important issue, let’s hopefully they get back to working on what’s really important for the American People.”

McCarthy’s seat was vacated by a motion of vacate, which led to Pelosi being evicted.

Eight House Republicans, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida, voted along with all the House Democrats in order to remove McCarthy as speaker. Pelosi was not able to vote as she was in California, where she had accompanied Senator Feinstein for burial.