Progressives tar and feather Rep. Ocasio-Cortez for endorsing Biden’s 2nd term: ‘Massive disappointment’

This week, progressive Twitter users attacked Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D.N.Y.’s “Squad”, after she endorsed Joe Biden for reelection.

Leftists accused the legislator of selling out progressive and antiwar values by supporting the second presidential term for the Democratic Party leader, who just recently approved the provision of controversial cluster bombs to Ukraine’s war effort.

Critics alleged that the Congresswoman “maliciously sold out” working class voters by endorsing the endorsement.

Ocasio Cortez officially endorsed Biden in the Thursday episode “Pod Save America.”


The lawmaker responded that she would, when asked by the host if, in a Democratic primary field, she would support Biden, along with the current president, Marianne Williamson, Jr., and the author.

She replied, “I think, given that area, yes.” She praised the 80-year old Biden for his presidential performance to date, saying that he has done well given the limitations we have. “I do believe that there are ebbs, and there are flows in every presidency.”

She continued by saying that “he was right on the ball with the American Rescue Plan.”

Ocasio Cortez praised the “Inflation Reduction Act”, which Biden signed. She called it “a huge step for our climate agenda”, but she also criticized his leadership in immigration. “But you know, I also think there are other areas that could have been better,” she said. “The president and the Democratic Party, in general, continue to struggle with immigration.”

The endorsement was ripped apart by Twitter users on the far-left shortly after it had been shared.

Briahna Gray, former national press secretary of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign and podcast host, has blasted both the lawmaker and her former boss. She tweeted: “Endorsing Joe Biden is a betrayal to progressive interests.” This was also true for AOC’s endorsement and Bernie Sanders. Most Democrats do not want Biden running. Bernie and AOC have been out of touch with the current movement.

She then asked, “Why endorse right now?” They should at least ask for commitments as a condition of their endorsement. They should use the Marianne/RFK campaign to expose the failures of Biden & Dems in Ukraine, healthcare & other areas.”

Gray slammed Ocasio Cortez’s support for Biden, while he continues to bolster Ukraine’s war effort against Russia. She continued, “Biden advocates for sending cluster-bombs to Ukraine and yet you endorse him? AOC said that in a normal nation, she and Biden would not be in the same political party. Perhaps that was true once. “Not anymore”

The progressive account “Neoliberal Tears”, argued that the Left should be more harsh on the legislator for such endorsements. The article claimed that “the Left isn’t as mean to AOC as they should be.” It’s clear that anyone who defends AOC is a psychopath.

Laura Fielding, a progressive activist, watched the video. She said: “This is the reason the Democrat Corporation is irredeemably f—ed and we should #DemExit!” “I already did that.”

Graham Elwood, a liberal podcast host, responded sarcastically to Ocasio Cortez’s praise of Biden by tweeting: “Yes, Biden did a great job!” If you’re a fan of drilling permits on federal lands and cluster bombs …).”

Fox News Digital contacted Ocasio-Cortez’s office to get a comment. Any response will be added to this article.

Rebecca Bitton, a leftist user, said: “She’s a huge disappointment.” Where’s all the fuss?

The “Revolutionary Blackout Network”, a prominent socialist account, slammed the congresswoman by tweeting: “There isn’t enough anger towards Bernie Sanders and AOC because they took working class money and lied to desperate people and sold them out in a malicious manner.”