Rep. Gonzales to Newsmax: GOP-Led House Will Control Biden’s ‘Purse Strings’

Since January 2021, President Joe Biden was inaugurated, the U.S. government reported spending nearly $4 trillion.

In the same time frame as Biden’s election, there are reports that U.S. investors lost approximately $7.6 trillion market value.

However, help is coming, according to Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas), who said that the Republicans will control the House when a new Congress meets on Jan. 3.

Gonzales said, “I like to recall people: The power the purse strings resides in the House,” while appearing on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” Friday night with Rita Cosby and Michael Grimm as guest hosts.

Gonzales believes that the House Republicans, both old and new, must take decisive action in Congress immediately. They need to impose a limit on Democrats’ excessive spending, which contributed 40-years highs with inflation in the summer months.

Gonzales said that “Republicans must go on the offensive”, while touting cuts to spending and a government that is “accountable” for the American people.

Gonzales stated that there was nothing free about college, and he was referring to Biden’s executive order to forgive student-loan debt — which was recently rescinded by a federal judge.

Gonzales stated that it was imperative for the House not to allow grim economic forecasts, such as Moody’s latest outlook for 2023, to take a greater toll upon the American taxpayer.

Gonzales, who was elected to the Texas 23rd Congressional District, said that the Biden administration’s economic outlook is not comparable to Moody’s.

“The truth is that the [Democrats] are responsible for this inflation, and they have only added fuel to the fire. Gonzales stated that the Inflation Reduction Act did nothing to reduce inflation.

A Texas congressman believes that the Biden administration will ignore the unrest at Mexico’s border with the United States in the next year.

“That should be No. Gonzales said, “That should be No.