Sarah Huckabee Sanders will give the Republican response to the State of the Union

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will give the GOP’s response to President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday.

On Thursday, Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker, and Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader) made the announcement.

McCarthy stated that “everyone including President Biden should pay attention” to her remarks, which will be made following Biden’s speech next week.

“She is a servant leader of great determination and conviction. McCarthy stated that she was thrilled Sarah would share her incredible story and bold vision of a better America on Tuesday.


In November, Sanders, aged 40, was elected as governor. She is the first female to be elected governor of a Republican-dominated state. She isn’t new to politics.

She is a former White House press secretary for President Donald Trump and daughter of two-term Arkansas Gov.-turned-political commentator Mike Huckabee.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to address the nation, and compare the GOP’s optimistic vision of the future with the failures and incompetences of President Biden. She said that we are ready to start a new chapter of America’s story – by a new generation leaders who will defend freedom from the radical left and increase access to quality education, job opportunities, and opportunity for all.”

Rep. Juan Ciscomani from Arizona will also be participating in a GOP rebuttal. He will give a speech in Spanish.

McCarthy stated, “As many people know, Juan’s story – immigrating to America aged 11 – and his father driving a bus in Tuscon (Ariz.) just a real American story as well.”

In 2020, Rep. Veronica Escobar from Texas gave the last Spanish-language State of the Union reply.