Sen. John Fetterman dramatically whips off Harvard hood at Yeshiva University commencement: ‘Profoundly disappointed’

John Fetterman, a senator from Massachusetts, told Yeshiva University students on Wednesday that he is “profoundly dismayed” by Harvard University’s failure to combat antisemitism. He then removed the ceremonial academic hood of his alma matter.

During his commencement speech at the private Orthodox Jewish University, where he received the highest honor of the institution, “Hero of Israel”, the Pennsylvania Democrat expressed disapproval of Ivy League schools.

“I am deeply disappointed in Harvard’s failure to stand up for Jewish community following Oct. 7,” Fetterman told the newly graduated at Louis Armstrong Stadium, Queens.

The senator said, “I personally do not believe it’s right to wear that today”, as he removed his Harvard hood identifying him as alum from around his neck.

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After the symbolic gesture, Fetterman received a standing applause. He is a staunch advocate of Israel’s fight against Hamas.

He added, “The Jewish Community deserves our support everywhere.”

“I promise that you will always be mine.”

After delivering his remarks, Fetterman was seen dancing with school leaders and students.

Claudine Gay, former president of Harvard University, faced criticism after the attack on Oct. 7, 2023. She was criticized for failing to criticize the 30 Harvard student groups who published a letter that held Israel “entirely accountable” for Hamas’ deadly rampage.

Gay testified before Congress on December 5, where she refused the offer of punishment to anyone who called for the genocide against Jews at the University.

Harvard faculty members supported Gay at the moment, issuing a letter that called on the administration not to bow to political pressure.

Gay resigned from her position as president of the university in January after unrelated allegations of plagiarism. She remains on faculty as a professor for African and African American Studies and Government.

Fetterman earned his undergraduate degree from Albright College, Pennsylvania in 1991 and his MBA from the University of Connecticut, Connecticut in 1993.

The senator received a Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s in 1999. He previously stated that he does not “recognize the school” as the place he attended.

“As a Harvard alumnus — look, 25 years ago I graduated, and it was always a pinko,” he said to Semafor, in January. “But I don’t recognise it anymore.”

Last month, Fetterman supported former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, current US Senator (R-Utah), is the frontrunner to succeed Alan Garver as the interim president of Harvard.