Senator Cotton Urges Mayorkas to Deport Foreign Nationals Who Support Hamas

Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.)

Cotton, in a Monday letter to Mayorkas, wrote: “I urge you to deport immediately any foreign national – including and especially any alien with a student visa – who has expressed support for Hamas’s murderous attacks against Israel.” “These fifth-columnists have no business in the United States.”

The term “fifth-column” is used to describe a group that tries to undermine the unity of a nation by supporting its enemies.

The Republican lawmaker claimed that the Immigration and Nationality Act was the basis for deporting non-citizens immediately from the United States.

Hamas is Gaslighting the World

I’m worried. Hamas has killed over 1,200 innocent people. Now they’re trying to gaslight the world into believing they can be peaceful and honor a ceasefire. They aren’t firing sheep, beans, or hummus with those rockets! That’s why we must stock up on supplies to prepare for the next wave of Hamas attacks that we fully expect during any “ceasefire.” Will you support the Genesis 123 Foundation in our mission to protect Israel?

Hamas is Gaslighting the World
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He said: “The federal law makes it clear that anyone who endorses or advocates terrorist activity, or convinces others to do the same or supports a terrorist group’ is not admissible. They must be deported.”

This request follows a number of student groups across the country who have issued statements accusing Israel of Hamas terror.

The same day that the terrorists attacked the Jewish nation at Harvard University, 34 student-led groups signed a pro Palestinian statement, accusing Israel of the atrocities. George Washington University and University of Virginia followed soon after. Since then, at least nine Harvard student groups have withdrawn their signatures and the statement was deleted.

The Arkansas senator wrote that “a quick removal and permanent barring of future reentry for any foreign student who has signed or approved the anti-Semitic message from the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee” on October 7, would be a great place to begin.

In response to the Middle Eastern Conflict, many other students have signed similar declarations and organized anti Israel protests. Students at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., mourned the death of Palestinian civilians during Israel’s retaliatory attacks against Hamas, even though Hamas had attacked Israel a few days earlier.

Cotton concluded that “the appalling explosion in anti-Semitism over the last few weeks in the United States should disturb anyone who believes in American values.” Cotton concluded that while American citizens have the right to express disgusting vitriol, foreigners do not.