‘Serious Stuff’: Jim Jordan Warns Hunter Biden Could Face A Year In Jail For Contempt

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R – OH) stated on Sunday that Hunter Biden could face “serious things” in contempt of Congress proceedings, which could result in up to a one year jail sentence.

The GOP leader discussed with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, on “Sunday Morning Futures,” what Biden could face if he refused to comply to congressional subpoenas in the context of the impeachment investigation focused on corruption against President Joe Biden.

“Well, I think that if we get it out of committee, and then we pass it to the House as a whole, which is something I believe we can do, it will go to the Justice Department.” Jordan said that the Attorney General will decide whether to file charges.

“But if it happens, it could mean up to one year in jail for not coming and complying with a subpoenaed, subpoenaed, deposition that is to be interviewed by Congress. This is serious business,” said the chairman.

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James Comer, Oversight Chair (R-KY), announced on Friday the meeting of his panel on Wednesday. The resolution would hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress for skipping a deposition scheduled last month. Instead, he held a press conference demanding a hearing public to answer “legitimate questions”.

According to the Department of Justice, a charge of contempt of Congress can result in a sentence of at least 30 days behind bars and up to one year. It could also be punished with a fine of $100,000.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat of the Oversight Committee (D-MD), criticized this move. He said, “There’s no precedent in the U.S. House of Representatives for holding a citizen in contempt of Congress, who offered to testify publicly, under oath and on a date of the Committee choosing.”

Jordan pointed out that the Department of Justice had prosecuted Steve Bannon, a former Trump administration aide, and Peter Navarro on charges of contempt of Congress because they refused to comply with subpoenas from the January 6 Committee. He refused to say whether Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, will also bring charges against Biden.

Jordan replied, “That’s his decision.” “But I think there was support for the contempt resolution in the House. Certainly in the House Judiciary Committee as well as the House Oversight Committee.” Then, it will go to the House Floor, I believe, shortly thereafter.”