Soros-Backed U.S. Attorney Resigning After DOJ IG Accuses Her Of Election Interference, Lying To Feds: Reports

This week, a U.S. attorney backed by Democrat megadonor George Soros resigned after federal investigators found that she had repeatedly given damaging information about a candidate to a Boston Herald reporter to aid an ally. She then lied to federal investigators about this.

Rachael Rolleins was found to have leaked non-public, sensitive information during the Suffolk district attorney primary election. She preferred Ricardo Arroyo to Kevin Hayden.

In his report to President Joe Biden Special Counsel Henry Kerner stated that “Ms. Rollins’s actions in leaking DOJ non-public information constitutes a serious abuse of authority. It threatens to undermine public confidence in federal law enforcement.

In his report, DOJ Inspector-General Michael Horowitz stated that “Rollins’s behavior described in this report violated numerous DOJ policies and regulations, her Ethics Agreement and applicable laws, and fell well short of the professional and judgment standards the Department should demand of any employee.


The report stated that Horowitz forwarded Rollins’ false statements to DOJ, which “declined prosecution”.

Rollins has been accused of passing on information to a reporter, which led the reporter to believe that Hayden had been under federal criminal investigation at the time.

The report claimed that her attempts to influence the primary elections constituted a breach of the Hatch Act. This federal law limits what federal employees are allowed to do in partisan campaigns.

Michael Bromwich, Rollins’ attorney, said that she will submit her resignation by the end this week.

Bromwich stated that “Rachael is extremely proud to have served as U.S. attorney over the last 16 months, and of the work her office has done during this limited time period in areas such as gun violence and civil right,” Bromwich added. Rachael Bromwich will be available to answer any questions after the dust settles.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-AR, issued a scathing statement slamming Democrat Senators for failing to listen to Republican lawmakers’ warnings about the dangers associated with confirming Rollins.