Supreme Court rejects challenge to Oregon’s all mail-in-ballot elections

The Supreme Court rejected a petition from a group Oregon voters that wanted to overturn their state’s universal voting by mail elections.

A dozen or more voters have asked the Oregon high court to review the 100% mail-in voting system. They also requested an injunction against the process because of “insecure electronic tabulating devices and ineffective elections checks.”

Among the petitioners are several prominent Republicans, including state senator Dennis Linthicum; former U.S. House Candidate Ben Edtl; and Janice Designer, Don Powers, and Janice Designer, who co-chaired the state GOP election integrity committee.

Since 1998, the state has used a mail-in voting system. In 1998, voters in Oregon adopted a ballot initiative that established Oregon as the first state with a universal voting-by-mail system.

They don’t want me talking about it.

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They don’t want me talking about it.
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The judges ruled that the voters did not have a legal injury specific enough to support their case.

Their petition to the Supreme Court read: “Petitioners cannot discover precisely the manipulations in play because the conduct and results of Oregon elections are kept secret. The people are prevented from knowing exactly what is going on.”

“However,” the petitioners said, “the election characteristics and anomalies that they observed are consistent with fraudulent manipulation by those in control.” How can Oregonians escape this boxed-in canyon scenario and their disenfranchisement due to the corruption of elections that perpetuates itself? What are the options for them? “Fortunately for the people of Oregon, it is not Venezuela. Here they are protected by the United States Constitution.”

They sued Oregon Secretary of state Lavonne Griffin Valade who failed to respond to their petition.

The justices did not comment when they announced on Monday that the court will not hear the appeal of the voters. Oral arguments could not have been scheduled unless four justices voted in favor.

Eight states allow mail-in ballots: Oregon, California (including Hawaii), Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Washington.