White House says Biden will fix Inflation Reduction Act ‘glitches,’ address Europe’s concerns without Congress

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, suggested Monday that President Biden would fix “glitches” in the Inflation Reduction Act without having to go to Congress.

These comments were made in response to a reporter asking if President Biden intended to issue executive orders to modify the IRA to address criticisms from French officials this weekend.

Jean-Pierre stated that the Biden administration is currently in a “substantive Consultation with Europe” to address “glitches and concerns.” She reiterated her comments last week.

“We don’t plan to go back to Congress about that. Jean-Pierre stated that when it comes down to European concerns, however, we will have discussions with our European allies.

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Foreign officials have accused the IRA of being “protectionist,” which was passed in August. Emmanuel Macron, French President, complained that subsidies intended to encourage semiconductor production for electric cars have placed European leaders at an unfair disadvantage.

Biden, speaking at a press conference jointly with Macron, acknowledged that the tax law and $368 billion in spending may have had “glitches”, but overall defended the White House’s signature achievement.

Biden responded to a reporter’s inquiry about the complaints by saying, “Look, the United States does not apologize and I don’t make any apology, since it was written,”

There are times when you have to write massive pieces of legislation. This is the largest climate change investment in history at almost $368 billion. So there will be some glitches.