Americans name the US’ worst problem — and it’s not inflation or immigration

According to a Monday poll, Americans believe that the biggest problem facing the country is a lack leadership from President Biden or the Congress — more than inflation, the crisis in immigration and the state the economy.

Despite Americans being sucked in their wallets, the “government/poor leadership” took the No. The number one spot was taken by inflation in the last year with 21% of Americans calling it the “most serious problem facing the country today” compared to 15%, according to a Gallup poll.

Last year, inflation and the economy were the top two topics — tied at 16% each — followed closely by the government (15%) and immigration (8%) and unifying our country (6%)

In the last year, Americans’ worries about the economy dropped 6 percentage points, falling one point to 15%, while inflation rose 1 point to 15% and immigration rose 3 percent to 11%.

The percentage of Americans who cited unifying the country among their problems has remained constant.

According to the latest numbers, Americans seem to have tracked the decline in inflation from 7.5% last January, to 6.5% December.

The poll was conducted Jan. 2-22, when President Biden’s Delaware residence and the US House of Representatives were discovered. This prolonged the vote to elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House speaker.

The poll found that Congress (21%) and Biden (41% respectively, have remained basically unchanged in the past year.

Republicans think “the government/poor leader” is more problematic (24%) than Democrats (18%).

Republicans rank inflation and the economy at 18% as their second most urgent problems. They are followed by ethics, morality and family declines (6%) and the federal deficit (5%)

Democrats vote for inflation (11%), economic (9%) and race relations (9%), unifying (8%), then the environment (6%).

While Americans may be concerned about the government, it is not the economy that gets a pass.

45% rate the economy poor, 38% only fair, and 15% good.

Only 2% of respondents say it’s excellent, a percentage that is only marginally higher than last year.

However, 72% of respondents believe that the economy will worsen while 22% predict it will improve.

When asked about the current job market, 64% said it was a good time to look for a quality job. 33% disagree.

62% of respondents said it was good, while 35% said it wasn’t.