Anti-Trump Republican Cheney boosts Democrats in key US races

Republican Liz Cheney was one of Donald Trump’s most fierce critics. She lent her support Tuesday for two Democrats fighting for crucial swing seats in the last days of the US midterm election.

Cheney supported Democratic candidates in Michigan and Ohio at separate events. She said this as a way to resist Trump’s party’s turn toward her, which she believes is a threat.

Former vice president Dick Cheney’s daughter — once seen as the small-government, tax-cutting and gun-loving apotheosis for American conservatism — Liz Cheney was disowned by her party.

After rejecting Trump’s false claims about a stolen 2020 election she played a leading part in the congressional committee that investigated the role of the former president in the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

She was fired from the party’s leadership after she fought against Trump and lost a Wyoming primary election earlier this summer.

Recent polls show that Republicans are on the rise and have strong momentum to win control of at least one congressional chamber. Cheney is now hitting the campaign trail for several Democratic figures to warn Americans about the dangers of a Trump return.

Cheney stated that while we could say, “Look, the (President Joe Biden) economic policies aren’t policies we would support and we believe in limited government and low taxes, and a strong nation defense,” at a Tuesday morning event in Cleveland, Ohio.

“And we don’t get to have that discussion if we elect election denier who embrace what the ex-president is doing and saying now and what we now know he was willing and able to do and what he did.”

Cheney stated that she would prefer Democratic candidate Tim Ryan to Republican J.D. in the Ohio Senate race. Vance was once a fierce opponent of Trump, but has since changed his mind.

Cheney traveled to Michigan later to attend a campaign event along with Elissa Slotkin (a Democrat), whom she had officially endorsed a few short days before.

Cheney claims that “I don’t know if I have ever voted as a Democrat”, but he says so in a campaign ad. The ad was first aired earlier this week in Arizona’s battleground southwest.

However, the winds of political reform are blowing in the opposite direction.

Tulsi Gabbard was a former Hawaii Congresswoman who represented her state as a Democrat but has recently declared herself independent and is currently campaigning for Republican nominees to several gubernatorial, and Senate races.