Articles of Impeachment Drawn over Biden’s Withholding of Israeli Aid for Political Reasons

Cory Mills, a freshman Republican representative from Florida, announced on Thursday that articles to impeach Joe Biden for his decision to withhold assistance to Israel due to political reasons is in preparation.

Biden’s decision not to send bombs to Israel is a concern due to its political implications. Biden’s base is pushing him to stop funding Israel, but many moderate Democrats are in favor of Israel being able to defend itself from terrorists. Biden seems to be stuck in an election year between two competing coalitions. He is currently trailing Trump in the polls and has historically low approval ratings to win reelection.

In 2019, Democrats claimed that former President Donald Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine due to alleged political motives.

The same accusations were made against Trump by Democrats, and this led to his impeachment. Mills said that the same thing must happen to Joe Biden. “We’re drafting articles of impeachment right now,” Mills told Fox News.


Some people are already in favor of impeachment proceedings. Tom Cotton, R-AR, posted on X that “the House has no other choice than to impeach Biden based upon the Trump-Ukraine precedence of withholding foreign assistance to help with reelection.” Only with Biden is it true.

Trump believes that Biden also withheld his aid due to political reasons. Trump stated that Biden made the decision for political reasons. Trump said, “You must make the right decision and not the political one,” before entering a Manhattan courtroom to face his criminal trial.

Joel Pollak, a reporter for Breitbart news, reported the comparison between Trump’s and Biden’s decisions to withhold aid based on reported political reasons.

In 2019, Democrats impeached Donald Trump, then president of the United States, for allegedly refusing to deliver security funds to Ukraine because of political motives. The funds were delivered, and there was no proof of “quid pro quo.” Now, the Biden Administration is withholding crucial munitions during a war on terror, which includes attacks by the Iranian-sponsored terrorists and a terrorist army.

Biden signed billions in new military aid for Israel after first proposing the package of aid several months ago. However, he did not push for legislation for many months, and instead tied it to priorities like funding for Ukraine.

Israel entered Rafah Monday, after Hamas attacked an aid crossing and refused terms of a hostage-release deal. According to reports, the last four Hamas Battalions and remaining Israeli hostages are in Rafah.