Inside the Campus Playbook To Build a Nationwide ‘Unity Intifada’ in Support of Hamas

The Washington Free Beacon reviewed a strategy document that revealed the group’s actions just a day following Hamas’s rampage in Israel on Oct. 7. They called for an “unity Intifada”, mobilizing their network of pro Palestinian agitators to organize a “national resistance day” which would “normalize’ terrorism against Israel.

These materials offer insight into the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP), campus playbook. They suggest that the anti-Israel umbrella organization anticipated a Middle East conflict and was ready to unleash an army of adherents across college campuses in America.

The document says: “National liberation nears–glory for our resistance, our martyrs and our steadfast people.” The document includes a set of instructions and guides that will help students understand “how-tos” for the protest day and any troubleshooting needed.

The organization makes clear that students are part a global “unity Intifada,” declaring: “We, as Palestinian students living in exile, are PART OF this movement and not in solidarity with it.”


The toolkit has been cited in a landmark case brought last week by Israeli victims who were attacked by Hamas. The lawsuit, which also named American Muslims for Palestine as the parent group of NSJP’s branches throughout the country, alleges that both groups are providing material assistance to Hamas via their campus protests. The toolkit was cited as proof that the groups are “collaborators” and “propagandists” for Hamas.

The lawsuit claims that “On October 8th, the day following Hamas’s terrorist attack AMP and NSJP prepared and responded by disseminating a plan of attack and manifesto which included materials that appeared to have been developed before the attack,”

Rep. Tom Emmer, the House majority whip (R., Minn.), told the Free Beacon that the materials show how the campus protesters see themselves as under Hamas’ banner.

Emmer stated that “by their own admission, these students are not only standing in solidarity with the pro-Hamas and anti-Semitic movements, but they ARE this movement.” “Perhaps these students would be happier at Terrorist University than pursuing careers in Gaza,” Emmer said.

The “days of resistance toolkit”, which was designed to prepare students in advance for the large-scale protests against Israel that will take place on Oct. 12 across campuses throughout the country, aimed at preparing them. The toolkit provides students with resources to incite unrest, organize protests and encourage its anti-Israeli army to defend Hamas’s Oct. 7, 2014 attack on Gaza Strip that left more than 1,200 dead and many others as hostages.

The toolkit says: “On the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 War, the Resistance in Gaza launched an unexpected operation against the Zionist enemies which disrupted even the foundations of Zionist settler societies.” The toolkit states that “the resistance has taken hostage occupation soldiers, fired thousands rockets, taken control of Israeli military vehicles and gained control over the illegal Israeli settlements.”

The article goes on to intensify Hamas’ calls for Palestinians to rally around them in defense. It also urges students to be the terror group’s champions in America.

In the toolkit, NSJP stated: “We are witnessing a historic victory for the Palestinian Resistance. Our people have broken through the artificial barriers of a Zionist entity across land, sea and air, removing the façade of an impenetrable colony of settlers and reminding us all that the total return to Palestine and its liberation is close.” As the Palestinian Student Movement, we are under an unshakeable obligation to join the mass mobilization call.

The NSJP asked students to document their events on a database that they maintain. The group stated that “these will be posted on our social media.”

The group claims its goal is to demolish Zionism and boost “Palestinian Resistance.”

The toolkit says: “National Students for Justice in Palestine calls for a day of national resistance by the student movement for Palestine’s liberation across college campuses in occupied Turtle Island, (also known as the U.S.A. and Canada), and beyond.” “We must continue directly resisting by dismantling Zionism and using the political power our organizations have on our campuses and within our communities.”

Students are encouraged to attend the NSJP “How to organize a Protest” session, and to contact the group to receive personal consultations about how to disrupt their campus.

The group stated in a section describing the different types of protests that students can organise, “Challenging Zionist Hegemony and Popularizing Our Resistance is a Critical Part of Advancement of our National Movement!” “Make sure that people on your campus are aware of what is happening in Palestine and have a framework to promote national liberation.”

The toolkit also includes sections that instruct allies on campus to describe Hamas’s terrorist attacks against Israel as a “prolonged war for liberation”.

The toolkit’s “messaging” and “framing” section states that “the Palestinian people have the rights to resist colonization, oppression and occupation.” The Palestinian people have a right to return home and be freed from the land, air and sea siege that they’ve endured. This requires resistance and is both morally and politically justified. “These events are the just and natural response to decades’ worth of oppression, dehumanization and repression.”

This document also justifies Hamas’s attacks on innocent Jews by stating that: “Settlers aren’t ‘civilians’ in the sense international law because they are used as military assets to ensure continued control of stolen Palestinian land.” The Gaza Strip is described as “the cradle for resistance.”

The toolkit includes hashtags to be used on social networks to promote protests. It also contains “days of resistance” images which students can customize to promote their activities on campus.

Arsen Osrovsky is an attorney and CEO at the International Legal Forum. This group spearheads the campaign to end the war on terror.