At least 40 babies, some beheaded, found by Israel soldiers in Hamas-attacked village

Israeli media reported that Israel’s army discovered horrors beyond description in a community attacked by Hamas Saturday. This included dozens of babies who were dead, many with their heads severed, according to the report.

I24News reports that Israel Defense Forces soldiers entered Kfar Aza on Saturday morning to find about 40 babies dead, many of them decapitated. This shows the brutality and cruelty of the Hamas terrorists.

IDF soldiers were removing bodies from the area when the remains of children were discovered. According to the report, Israeli soldiers are trying to identify victims using their bones.

It’s not war. There’s no battlefield. I24News reported that IDF Maj.Gen. Itai veruv described the scene. “You see the babies, their mother and father in their bedrooms or in their protective rooms, as well as how terrorists have killed them.”

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It’s a massacre.

Hamas forces invaded the Israel-Gaza Border on Saturday morning while residents slept, dragging them into the streets and taking hostages while killing or beheading others. Over 700 Israelis were killed in a single attack, including women, children, and elderly people.

Israeli soldiers allowed media members to enter Kibbutz Kfar Aza which is less than one quarter mile from Gaza’s border.

Residents were killed and their corpses left on the streets. The devastation included the destruction of buildings and cars.

According to i24News the “smell of death” was present when the images were shown.

After Saturday’s violent and quick attack, the once vibrant community is no longer recognizable.

The outlet compared the barbarity of what they saw to the experience the Allied Forces must have had when walking into Nazi controlled areas during World War II.

Many soldiers were called to reserve service, and they could be seen consoling one another after what they witnessed. The scenes were beyond what anyone could have imagined. Soldiers claim to have found children with their heads lopped off and entire families shot dead in their beds. i24News reports that so far, 40 babies and children under the age of five have been placed on gurneys.

The outlet continued, “The atrocities committed with guns and grenades as well as knives against innocent civilians inside their homes.” Soccer nets are visible on the lawns. This is a reminder of the idyllic life that used to exist here. Artillery has destroyed sidewalks, left strollers behind and opened doors. “There are houses that have been burned by terrorists to force civilians who were hiding inside to leave.”

The report states that 200 victims have been found in the city.

IDF soldiers have taken control of Israeli towns and villages, but they remain vigilant in order to prevent any terrorists from continuing their operations.

Even though the fighting between Israel Hamas has ceased in Kfar Aza streets, it can still be heard. In the background, you can hear artillery and missile fire.

Israel has gathered tanks and troops near the Gaza border in preparation for a possible ground invasion. Israel continues to launch significant airstrikes against Gaza.