Biden Admin Considering Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion

Biden’s administration, through its State Department, is said to be considering issuing to Iran a waiver that would allow Iran to access another $10 billion in previously frozen cash held this time in Iraq.

This alarming event comes just days after the Biden Administration — just days before Iran-backed Hamas terrorists began their massacre of Israelis on October 7, 2008 — unfroze millions of dollars in a questionable exchange of prisoners for Iran. Since the deal, Iranian proxy forces have continued to attack Israel and U.S. troops throughout the Middle East. Dozens of American servicemen were injured.

Richard Goldberg, Senior Advisor at FDD and the Washington Free Beacon, offers more on this inexplicable event:

The Biden administration could approve a waiver of sanctions on Tuesday, which will allow Iran access to at least $10 billion previously frozen funds in Iraq. This decision is closely watched as it comes only a month after Hamas, the terror group backed by Tehran that attacked Israel and left 1200 people dead.


The waiver extends the multi-billion dollar sanctions relief that was first issued in July and expires tomorrow. The waiver allows Iraq to transfer electricity payments frozen in Europe or Oman into Iranian bank accounts. The renewal of the waiver renews concerns that the Biden Administration is continuing to provide financial avenues for Tehran while its terrorist proxies cause chaos in the Middle East.

Richard Goldberg, who was a former member of the White House National Security Council and a sanctions expert, told The Washington Free Beacon that the world has moved on from the October 7 attack, but that the White House still adheres to the Oct. 6 policy towards Iran. He was referring to the Hamas attack of last month. Why should Iran be able to access more than $10 billion when it sponsored one of the most horrific terrorist attacks on American citizens, and the largest massacre of Jews in history? It would be more sensible to freeze these accounts, and keep all the money out of Tehran’s hand.”

It is hard to understand why the Biden Administration would even consider providing more funding to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, as its proxies intensify their attacks against Israel and U.S. Forces in the Middle East.

The Biden administration may be among the worst policymakers in Washington, D.C. if they think that bribery is the best way to convince Iran and its proxies not to attack American servicemen in Syria and other parts of the Middle East. It shows Biden’s lack of concern for Iran’s influence and malign activities. He also seems to want the current hostilities and war in the Middle East to escalate.

Iran’s terrorist proxy groups need money. It is not hard to understand. If there’s no money, the Iranian government can’t fund terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthis, which are all based in Yemen, Gaza, or Lebanon. Their ability to attack is also diminished. When they have more money, the terrorism increases because Tehran can send the funds to the bloodthirsty terrorists who will happily use the investment to kill Israelis, Americans and other people of freedom in the Middle East.

The Biden administration, instead of allowing Iran to continue its weapons program, should not allow sanctions on Iran to expire.