Biden Defends Decision To Not Visit East Palestine And To Not Speak With Mayor After Toxic Train Accident

After a major train derailment that caused a toxic spillage, President Joe Biden justified his decision not to visit East Palestine, Ohio this month. This is a community that has been impacted by the toxic spillage.

Overheated wheels bearings on the 23rd of the 149 railroad cars caused the train’s derailment in small Ohio town. In an attempt to stop a major explosion, local officials evacuated residents within one mile of accident site and began a controlled burning of vinyl chloride the train was carrying.

Biden made these remarks in an interview on Friday with ABC News host David Muir.

Muir asked, “So do your plans to travel there? Have you spoken with the mayor?”

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“I don’t remember if I talked to the mayor, but I can’t recall. Biden stated that he had spoken to all of them. “Multiple times, spoke to both senators, both governors. I’ve spoken to everybody that is possible and it was clear that we have everything.”

Muir asked Biden about comments made by the mayor of East Palestine regarding Biden’s decision not to visit the American city while instead making time to visit a foreign nation.

“It has been three weeks since the derailment of the toxic train in East Palestine, Ohio. Muir stated that the mayor claimed he had seen you in Ukraine. He said it to show that he doesn’t care about us. They are asking “Is the president coming in Ohio?”

Muir inquired, “Does your family have plans to visit Ohio?” “And have your spoken with the mayor?”

Let’s try to put it in perspective. Biden stated that the EPA arrived in place within two hours of the derailment. “Every major US government agency that has had to do with railroad and/or cleanup was present and still is.”