Biden Suggests He Will Mandate a COVID Booster for All Americans This Fall

The Biden Administration is planning to introduce a new COVID-19 vaccination this fall. This will require Americans to receive another injection.

Joe Biden, despite declaring earlier in the year that COVID was no longer a danger, said that his administration would “likely recommend” that all Americans, including children, receive the updated booster.

The president said to reporters over the weekend that he will ask Congress for more funds to develop a vaccine. He added that he might force everyone to receive it, regardless of whether they received the original vaccine.

“Yes, I can,” Biden said. “I signed this morning a proposal that we must present to Congress, a request for extra funding for a vaccine that is needed and that works.”


Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax have redesigned the vaccines to specifically target the dominant XBB strains that appeared just before the general elections. The jab will be available in mid-September.

Biden refused to close the southern border, but requested that Congress provide $40 million to the Ukraine and U.S. federal funds for disaster relief.

The funding request for COVID-19 vaccinations did not include any funds.

White House spent $1.4 billion in taxpayer funds to develop new drugs against the China virus.

The Biden administration requested $9.25 billion in 2022 to stop COVID spread, but Congress refused the request.

The Democratic Party has again frightened Americans into believing that the virus is a danger.

Lionsgate Studios, a Hollywood studio, and many universities have announced that they will be mandating masks to all.

A TSA whistleblower also allegedly stated that mandates will return in October. CNN promoted the Left’s Covid panic, citing “experts” that said to “dust those N95 masks off and place them snugly around your nose and mouth in order to protect yourself against a recent increase of the virus.”