Biden’s ghostwriter could be held in contempt of Congress

The House Judiciary Committee is expected to decide this week whether to hold the ghostwriter of President Biden in contempt for refusing to provide records to the committee.

A committee vote will take place during the committee meeting on Thursday, which could lead to a vote in front of the committee on whether Mark Zwonitzer is held in contempt.

In March, Jim Jordan, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed a ghostwriter to provide transcripts and recordings from his interviews with Biden in preparation for his memoirs. This request was made in relation to an investigation by Robert Hur, a special counsel, into Mr. Biden’s mishandling classified documents.

The report of Mr. Hur revealed that Mr. Biden had read classified information to Mr. Zwonitzer from his notebook. The report also stated that Mr. Zwonitzer attempted to hide some recordings and transcripts after the investigation started.

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Mr. Biden has denied that he had shared classified material with the writer.

The subpoena was issued in March after repeated attempts by the House Republicans to obtain documents related to Mr Hur’s report, which said that President Obama mishandled classified documents, but did not recommend criminal charges.

Earlier, they had demanded audio and video transcripts of the President’s interview with Mr. Hur. The transcript was made public earlier in March.

Now, lawmakers say that Mr. Zwonitzer’s failure to comply the subpoena “hindered [the committee]’s ability adequately to conduct oversight of Special Attorney Hur’s investigative results, the Justice Department’s commitment to impartiality justice, and President Obama’s retention of classified material.”

The resolution stated that “Zwonitzer has continued to withhold documents and materials he has in his possession which are responsive to the Committee’s subpoena.” The materials Zwonitzer has been asked to provide are vital for the Committee to understand the extent and manner of President Biden’s mishandling of classified material and his unlawful disclosure, as well Zwonitzer’s storage and deletion of classified material on his computer.

Earlier this month, the House voted to declare Attorney General Merrick G. Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to provide audio recordings of Mr. Hur’s interview with Mr. Biden. The Justice Department refused to bring charges against Mr. Garland a few days later.

The Washington Times has contacted the attorney for Mr. Zwonitzer to get a comment.