Macron Under Fire Over France ‘Civil War’ Warning

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, was heavily criticized on Tuesday after he warned that a victory by the far right or hard left in a snap election could lead to a civil war. His opponents urged him not scare people.

France prepares to vote Sunday, in what will be the most divisive election in many years. Macron called for the polls to be held after the National Rally, a far-right party, won the European Parliament elections in early this month.

The election will be a showdown of the extreme right RN against the New Popular Front on the left, dominated by France Unbowed.

Macron warned Monday that programmes from the two “extremes”, the RN, and France Unbowed could cause a “civil conflict”, accusing them both of sowing tensions in the country and dividing the people.

They don’t want me talking about it.

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They don’t want me talking about it.
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Both leaders of the left and right have condemned his remarks.

Eric Ciotti of the conservative Republicans, who personally agreed an election pact to the RN, sparked outrage in allies, accused French President of being irresponsible.

He said on BFMTV RMC: “This is a fear-based strategy.”

Marine Le Pen, RN’s heavyweight Marine Le Pen, said Macron’s argument is “weak”, and shows “he believes he has lost this election”.

Patrick Kanner of the Socialists, the head of the Senate, stated that Macron’s comments showed he is fighting for his own political survival.

He said, “We’re dealing with someone who has lost all control.”

Jean-Luc Melenchon of France Unbowed also criticised Macron on Monday, saying: “He is always there to light things on fire.”

On Tuesday night, the three main camps – left, far right and centre – will be participating in a major TV debate.

The match will pit Gabriel Attal, the prime minister of Macron’s centre-right Renaissance Party, against Bardella of the far-right RN and Manuel Bompard from left-wing New Popular Front.

Some polls suggest that the RN may win 35-36 per cent in the first round vote on Sunday. This would be ahead of the left-wing coalition on 27-29.5 per cent and Macron’s centrists on 19.5-22 %.

On July 7, a second round of voting is scheduled in all constituencies in which no candidate has received more than 50% in the first round.