‘China Lobby’: Tom Cotton Blasts Biden Admin For Not Holding ‘Chinese Communists Accountable’

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton blasted Thursday’s Biden administration for failing to hold China “accountable” during a appearance on “Mornings With Maria.”

Cotton stated that the Democrats’ reckless tax- and spending plan last year was meant to make America produce the minerals and technology it needs, such as batteries for cars and other critical rare earth elements. Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business interviewed Cotton.

Cotton stated, “It wasn’t meant to allow American corporations like Ford to do it, enter joint ventures here in America with Chinese companies and take advantage of them.” “That’s a failure by the Biden administration.”

According to Politico, the Biden administration may ease restrictions on American investments into the People’s Republic of China by issuing an executive order that requires notifications to the federal government. This would be in addition to blocking investments. Former President Donald Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, have called for tougher trade sanctions against China.

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Trump demanded that China’s status as the most-favored country be revoked and that China cease all imports of “essential” products from China in various industries. Ramaswamy repeatedly called on America to declare independence from Communist China.

Cotton said, “There is a large network of what I refer to as the China lobby. Many of them don’t even intend to shill for the Chinese Communists. But their economic interests are so closely intertwined that any political steps to hold Chinese communists responsible are very sensitive.”

Cotton’s remarks come as Democrats accuse Republican Rep. Lance Gooden, Texas, of being racist for raising concern about Dominic Ng and Democratic Rep. Judy Chu (California) having reported ties with a Chinese Communist Party Front group. Chu denied the allegations, despite photos and documents contradicting them.