CNN Abruptly Ends Interview After Migrant Makes Damning Admission About Title 42

CNN abruptly ended an interview with a migrant who claimed he crossed the border illegally because Title 42 recently expired.

A CNN reporter was walking the streets of the U.S. border with Mexico when he asked a migrant: “Were they going to open the borders like before the pandemic?”

The migrant replied “yes”, telling the reporter he had heard that the southern border was going to be open wide after the Biden administration lifted the Trump-era policies and decided to travel.

The CNN reporter abruptly thanked him and ended the interview.


Title 42’s end has caused chaos at the border and a major threat to the U.S. as illegal immigrants storm the border.

Agents of the Border Patrol say that they are expecting a surge in immigration at the border, with almost 400,000 migrants attempting to enter the United States every month.

Joe Biden has ended Title 42, the public health policy that was used at the U.S. – Mexico border for over three years to remove approximately three million illegal immigrants and send them to their home countries.

In response, the Department of Homeland Security has expanded its program of Catch and Release. This allows illegal border-crossers to enter the U.S. by issuing them Notices To Appear (NTAs), which are issued in federal immigration courts. Unfortunately, some of these court dates are years away.

Biden faced the worst polling results of his presidential tenure after he decided to end Title 42.

YouGov’s survey shows that as he starts to promote his reelection campaign, only 17 percent of respondents want the president to remain in office for four more years. Nearly 60 percent said he wasn’t a strong candidate.