Iran: Women’s cars can be impounded if they’re caught without hijab

After a warning, the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a new directive to police officers to enforce its strict control of women.

Middle East Media Research Institute has translated a video that was published on April 17 by Fars News Agency, the Iranian regime’s news agency. MEMRI reports that “the directive” was sent to the Public Security Police by the Interior Ministry and Judiciary. According to a video, if the woman in the car is not wearing a hijab, the police will send a text warning to the owner. If the offence is repeated, then the owner of the vehicle may have his car impounded.

MEMRI reported that the video ended with the following statement: “A law abiding citizen – A safe and peaceful society.”

MEMRI has posted a transcript of the Fars News Agency and a series of screenshots on its Iran Studies Project website.

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AAIRA Director: Iran’s regime is a system of gender apartheid

Lawdan Bazargan, director of the US Alliance Against Islamic Regime of Iran Appologists (AAIRA), told The Jerusalem Post, on Thursday: “The Islamic regime of Iran has a gender-apartheid system that does not respect women, human lives, or human dignity. We have been fighting against this brutal regime, its draconian laws on hijab, for 44 years. But we’ve also had to battle the United Nations, US and European governments who want to do business with it for profit.

After the death of Mahsa Amin in the hands of the morality officers and the uprisings of Iran, we managed to launch a campaign and expel IRI from the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Amini was reportedly tortured to death by the Iranian regime in mid-September because she allegedly failed to wear a hijab properly in Tehran. Amini’s death sparked widespread protests across Iran.

MEMRI’s translated Fars News report reports that a narrator stated, “According to a directive from the Interior Ministry and Judiciary sent to the Public Security Police and according to the public’s demand and Article 638 in the Islamic Penal Code the police is required to act to control social norms, maintain the society’s peace and security, and to ensure the safety of its members.”

The Fars News reporter continues: “Accordingly to the new plan if [a woman] is caught removing her hijab while driving, a police text message will be sent to car owner and a warning issued to protect social standards. You can challenge the plan by clicking on the link attached and expressing your objection. “Initially, the police will accept it unconditionally.”

Fars News is associated with the US designated terrorist entity Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Fars News said that “when a hijab was removed for the second, another text message would be sent to inform the owner of a car, the vehicle will automatically be impounded for fifteen days.” During the 15-day period, no administrative support will be given to the vehicle, and it cannot be driven. “If during the 15-day period, no other offenses are committed, then the vehicle will be automatically released.”

According to Iranian authorities, the owner of a vehicle that is not wearing its hijab for a third time will receive a text message informing them that it has been impounded and they cannot drive the car until further notice from the police. The police will contact the owner at the earliest opportunity to discuss the options. They can either impound the vehicle and clamp the wheel in his garage or they can provide him with the name of an appropriate parking lot where he may park the car. After a week and when all legal steps have been completed, the car will be released.

Bazargan criticized the UN for integrating Iran’s regime. She said, “Now, the UN shamelessly appointed Iran the Chair of UN Human Rights Council Social Forum. They also elected Iran to UN Commission on Crime Prevention. The UN decided to reward the rogue regime after it killed children in the streets, blinded and raped protesters, arrested more than 20,000 people, executed scores of people and used chemical gas on more than 350 schools for children.

She continued, “Despite the fact that tens and thousands of people demanded that Iran Revolutionary Guards should be declared a terrorist organization, Biden’s Government asked England to not do so. We are wondering why democratic countries put all their eggs into the basket of an Islamic regime that is brutal and oppressive, instead of supporting the Iranian people. “The past 44 years of appeasement is a failure. It must be replaced with a maximum pressure campaign, which includes the elimination of leaders of IRGC by drones.”

Banafsheh Zand is an Iranian-American Journalist who told The Post that Mahsa Amin was the latest in the Khomeinists’ relentless attacks on women. No matter how hard Iranians women have fought for their rights, the Western world has turned a blind eye to lucrative business deals, despite the fact they condemned the Shah prior to 1979 for being too sexist. Western liberals, and specifically so-called feminists have demonstrated their cultural imperialism and ideological hypocrisy when it comes to women’s issues in Iran.

She said that the Khomeinist government is now exposed for decades of violence, misogyny, and pulling out all stops to further destroy Iran. The regime is also testing the limits of international outrage to prove a point. It is exactly the same as the Shia mafia that we Iranians have known for over 44 years. “