Democrats set deadline for Biden to prove himself or withdraw from race

If Harris steps down, the party will coalesce around Harris to replace him as the top candidate for 2024.

Leading Democrats have warned that President Biden only has a few days left to show he can defeat Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, in November.

After more than a week of Mr. Biden’s disastrous performance in the debate, prominent Democrats have publicly expressed doubts about his candidature. In a Sunday private call, four senior House Democrats suggested that Mr. Biden be dropped from the ticket in favor of Vice President Kamala.

A growing number of Democrats in Congress are pressuring President 81 to drop out of the race.

They don’t want me talking about it.

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They don’t want me talking about it.
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Others in the party publicly told the president that he had one week to dispel doubts and show he could defeat the 78-year-old former president, Trump.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Connecticut Democrat Sen. Christopher Murphy said, “The clock is running.” This is going to be a very important and crucial week for the nation and the president.

Mr. Murphy stated that Mr. Biden should show voters without using scripted events, or a Teleprompter, his suitability to continue as president for another four years.

Murphy stated that “if this doesn’t occur, then the president will have to make a decision.”

Democrats remain panicked, despite Mr. Biden’s attempts to prove his mental health at campaign events as well as in an ABC News Interview that aired on Friday evening.

In the interview, Biden took the blame for the poor performance he had in the debate and said, “I am still in great shape.”

ABC News’ appearance raised more questions about Biden’s mental acuity. Mr. Biden was unable to recall if he watched the debate again, he avoided questions regarding recent mental lapses, and he refused to undergo a cognitive testing and reveal the results.

On Sunday, Democrats had publicly questioned whether he should be on the ticket for 2024.

Adam Schiff, a leading Democrat running for Senate in California, stated on NBC’s Meet the Press that “the performance during the debate raised rightly questions about whether the President has the vigor” to defeat Trump.

Biden should be sweeping the floor with Trump. He said that it shouldn’t be even close.

He avoided questions about Mr. Biden’s replacement, not endorsing him or saying that he should step down.

He said that if Mr. Biden, “takes time to consult with people and is open-minded about this,” he would make the same decision as Joe Biden, which was the right one.

During the Sunday afternoon private leadership call, which was organized by House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffreys, a New York Democrat from the House of Representatives, several top lawmakers in the party said that Mr. Biden’s name should be removed from the ticket.

The top Democrats in four House Committees were Adam Smith from Washington (Armed Services), Jerrold Ndler of New York, Mark Takano from California (Veterans’ Affairs), and Joseph Morelle from New York (House Administration).

The number of Democrats in Congress who want Mr. Biden out of the race has now reached nine. Many believe that the number of congressional Democrats who want Mr. Biden to quit the race will rise this week, when lawmakers return from their Independence Day break.

Democrats who want Mr. Biden to leave the race publicly and privately support Ms. Harris as his replacement, despite her historically poor poll numbers.

This would prevent a backlash from the Democratic base in case the party tried to bypass the first Black woman vice president.

Mr. Biden is refusing to step down. He spent the long weekend assuring his voters that he was not going anywhere.

“Let’s say it as clearly as possible.” On Friday, Mr. Biden said to voters in Madison Wisconsin that he was still in the race.

Mr. Biden, in a veiled threat to those who may try to remove him from the ticket of the Democratic Party, reminded the crowd “millions” of Democrats like them voted for him during primaries across America.

The president’s appearances over the holiday weekend were laced with flubs and gibberish, which have now become almost standard.

In the same Wisconsin speech, Mr. Biden assured Wisconsin voters that he would beat Mr. Trump. However, he mistook the date of the election.

“I’ll defeat him again in 2020,” said Mr. Biden.

In his remarks to Philadelphia voters on Sunday, President Obama said that when he was running for Senate in Delaware, where he had represented Delaware for many years, “quite honestly, not a joking, Philadelphia in particular got me over the line.”

The Republican National Committee is taking advantage of the growing public doubts regarding Mr. Biden. They posted all of his gaffes and apparent confusions.

The media has produced “scoops”, revealing how the White House is trying to hide Mr. Biden’s cognitive decline.

Axios published a report on Sunday that showed images leaked by staffers intended to assist Mr. Biden in his public appearances. Two photos taken at a recent fundraising event showed the path the president took to reach his lectern.

A second report revealed that staffers were attempting to script his interviews and appearances.

Milwaukee radio host admits she received questions from Mr. Biden’s campaign team for the first interview with the President after the disastrous debate.

Tim Ryan, a former Ohio Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate who lost in 2022, stated Sunday that Democrats will increase their pressure on Mr. Biden, fearing his low polling numbers could cost them seats in the House or Senate.

Ryan told Fox News Sunday that “it may not be possible for all of them to want to run on a Biden ticket.”

He said, “It will drag everyone else down. I think this is a major concern for Leader Jeffries. I think his donors, activists, and members are all very, very worried.”