Draft DeSantis campaign hits 225,000, but FEC blocks sharing

Over 200,000 petition signers want to inform Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.FL) will run for president.

The petition “Ready for Ron”, which has attained 225,000 signatures, is being shared by its organizers with DeSantis in order to show how much he supports him as he contemplates running for president.

The FEC is intensifying its efforts to stop the sharing. They claim that the list amounts a costly in-kind contribution, which isn’t allowed by the normal spending rules that the agency enforces.

Both sides are currently battling in court. They filed arguments Tuesday night in the case that is heating-up just as DeSantis prepares to announce whether he will run or stay out.

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Ready for Ron has asked the federal judge to rule on the FEC case against him.

Ready for Ron attorney Dan Backer stated in his filing that the group has spent millions of dollars on advertising and organizing to generate its list. He said it is only a conduit for those who want to support DeSantis.

He also stated that the petition is not a “sham” attempt to circumvent FEC rules. RFR’s petition doesn’t sound sham. It’s not a way to smuggle mailing lists to Gov. DeSantis. It is a valid and powerful form of political expression, and association, which is protected by the U.S. Constitution from overzealous regulators,” stated Backer.

The FEC argues that this is a ploy to provide DeSantis with valuable mailing lists and potential donors for no cost.

“A compilation of supporters contact information, including email addresses is valuable and Gov. DeSantis is allowed to test the waters, or operate a campaign. This would be against FECA’s restrictions on contributions to candidates,” the FEC stated in its most recent filing.

Backer stated that he is concerned about the FEC’s desire to drag out this case. He hopes it will end quickly with a preliminary order to lift the federal agency’s ban on sharing the petition.

He stated that a decision by U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss in Washington could be made quickly after Friday’s next document filing.

“He’s engaged. He is thinking about it. He has read the pleadings. These issues are very important to him. Backer said that Backer is very interested in the subject matter and will want to make it a reality sooner than expected.