Emails Show Weiss, DOJ Coordinated to Mislead Congress

The Federalist reported on Monday that emails have been found that contradict the claim that David Weiss was the U.S. Attorney for Delaware and had the “ultimate authority’ over the charging decisions in Hunter Biden’s investigation.

The emails obtained by Heritage Foundation after a Freedom of Information Act suit and shared with The Federalist show that Weiss who is now the special counsel overseeing the investigation of Biden coordinated with the Department of Justice at multiple times in response to GOP legislators’ inquiries about the case.

These emails contradict Weiss’ letter of June 7, to House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R, Ohio, that claimed he held “ultimate power.”

The heavily redacted emails show that officials at the DOJ and not Weiss offered to “take the leading” in drafting responses.

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In one such email, Weiss asked her assistant Shannon Hanson whether the Office of Legislative Affairs of the DOJ had responded to Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), in May 2022. Grassley, Johnson, and Weiss sent their letter to Weiss. However, it was the OLA who responded to them a few months later by saying that the DOJ wouldn’t answer their questions.

According to The Federalist, when Grassley, Johnson, and Weiss sent a second letter to Weiss and to Attorney General Merrick G. Garland, and FBI Director Christoper Wray in response, OLA said again via email that they would “take on the responsibility of drafting a reply.”

Mike Howell, director of the Heritage Foundation’s The Federalist, said that while Garland asserted Weiss independence to legislators, he “was also running communications from Weiss through Main Justice to Grassley at the same time,” according to The Federalist.

Howell said to the outlet, “It’s a slap on the face.”

Jordan’s inquiry to Garland on June 7, which Weiss responded to, was actually a response to a letter sent by Jordan to Garland.

Jordan sent a second letter to Weiss on June 22. This time, Jordan asked for substantive answers and details in light of “the unusual nature of your reply on behalf of Attorney-General Garland …”

Jordan actually wanted to know the author of the “ultimate power” letter dated June 7. Weiss responded June 30, saying that he wasn’t at liberty to give substantive details.

After viewing all the emails, The Federalist reported that Weiss did not even write the letter of June 7 to Jordan, but that it was written to “corroborate Attorney General’s Senate testimony stating that he gave Weiss the full authority to decide on charging decisions in Hunter Biden Investigation.”