‘Devastating’ New Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Share This Belief About Biden

Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing about President Biden, according to a new Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll: he’s too old to lead effectively in a second-term.

That’s what 77 percent of respondents said regarding the 80-year-old commander-in-chief–a belief 89 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of Democrats shared. While former President Trump was only a few decades younger than the current president, voters did not seem to be concerned with his age. 51 percent of U.S. adult citizens believe that the GOP presidential nominee is too old to serve effectively a four-year-term. Democrats, however, outnumbered Republicans by 71 percent to 28%.

Americans are concerned about age in all walks of life, not just those who hold the office of president. The survey found that voters also want to see age restrictions placed on Supreme Court Justices and Members of Congress.

The survey revealed that 67 percent of respondents support mandating retirement for justices at a certain age. 68 percent are in favor age limits for candidates for the House and Senate, while 66 percent back an age limit for presidential candidates.


A 28-year old communications consultant stated that older generations are “too old in general” when referring to the presidency. He argued that the older generation has “an outdated sense of values, and a worldview and country view.” It’s dangerous to hold that view.

The AP/NORC survey was more than just a series of questions and choices. The survey also included a word association activity, where people were asked to give the first phrase or word that came to mind when each man was mentioned.

The answers showed how Biden’s age was a drag on him across party lines even when it wasn’t asked about. Trump, however, escaped that but still drew disdain, if not outright disgust, from other people.

Biden’s age was the first thing that 28% of Democrats mentioned in their visceral reactions. These terms were preferred to “president”, “leader,” or “strong.” Even those who approved of his performance called him “senile.”

Only 3% of respondents chose “confused” to describe Trump as their first word, while 1% selected “old”. The top words instead were “corrupt” and “crooked”, “bad” and general negative terms (11%), “liar” words and “dishonesty” words (8%), and “good” words and other positive comments (8%). (Associated Press)”