Former POTUS Predicts Fed Will Lower Rates to Help the Democrat Nominee

Breitbart’s Business Digest had an opportunity to interview Donald Trump for over two hours at Mar-a-Lago, last week. He was tanned and rested. The conversation was dominated by the U.S. economic situation and Trump’s predictions for the upcoming election and beyond.

Trump slams Bidenomics

We wanted to know what he thought of the term “Bidenomics”. If you ask 100 people, they’ll probably give you 100 different answers. Although we didn’t get the exact definition from President Trump, he said that the term was very bad for Biden.

The former President said, “The fake media released it and it was not supposed to be very good. But he liked it and he used it.” [BBD fact check: true.] “But I don’t think it is good for him. It means high taxes and chaos, as well as inflation and bad economic conditions.”


This is a good definition in our opinion. Any honest person will tell you that the “Bidenflation”, as it is called, is the most important aspect of Joe Biden’s leadership over the largest financial engine in the world. It is possible that this is why the White House and media hesitate to use the term Bidenomics.

White House wishful thinking and gaslighting aside, it is hard to disagree that President Trump believes the term “Bidenomics”, which has been around since the 1960s, does not work as a branding tool. He was likely pleased to see White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, dust off the term.

“I don’t like the term he uses.” Trump said, “He uses it but I think it is a bad word for him.” We think that Trump, arguably the greatest marketer in history, was using literal language. Don’t be surprised, however, if Biden continues to promote this horse despite the advice of his likely rival.

The former president took it a step farther and warned America, via one of your humble Breitbart Business Digest journalists, that Democrats would raise taxes if the Democrats retained the White House and won the Congress in this year.

How would American families, who have been already squeezed by Bidenflation, cope with this? We’ll hopefully never find out the answer.

Trump predicts that the Fed will lower rates to help Democrats

We wanted to know if Trump believes that the Federal Reserve, and Jerome Powell as Chairman will lower interest rates to help Joe Biden or another Democrat win the general elections. Former President Bush said that he believes this is the way things will unfold.

“Yes, I believe they will,” said Trump, before taking a light jab at Powell. Trump said, “I wasn’t a fan of him,” before casually pointing his finger at his Treasury Secretary. Steve Mnuchin had recommended him, but I wasn’t a fan.

Trump, who often interrupts his own responses to tell hilarious personal stories, reminded us about some of Powell’s most dramatic moves during Trump’s presidency. BBD Fact Check is again pretty accurate here. “I was jawboning [Powell] big league about how at one point, he dropped the rates by one point. Do you remember that?” Powell dropped rates by a record 100 basis points in 2020. In 2019, Vanity Fair ran a headline that read: “Federal Reserve caves to Trump and dumps lighter fluid on the U.S. economy.” The establishment media complained that “the president’s psychotic temper tantrums finally broke the Fed just in time for 2020.”

Trump said that the issue was “Powell will do something to lower the rates, and possibly keep things moving.”

Would this be considered election interference if Powell did it? It would be, and Trump admitted that in his interview.

You thought Americans died and lived on every Fed move over the last few years?

Wait until 2024 when the full momentum will kick in.

Trump uses the “D-word”

During their conversation, the ex-president repeatedly made a dire prediction about the economy: “If I lose, you will end up in a depression.”

He was sure to stress the letter “d.”

What better way to start this historic year in American History than to have the presumptive GOP candidate and former president raise the stakes in Breitbart’s Business Digest to epic levels?

Happy New Year! Let’s make this year productive.