Japan Airlines plane bursts into flames after collision at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, leaving 5 dead

Local media reported that a thick plume of black fume rose above an airport runway in Japan Tuesday, after a Japanese plane collided with the coast guard and burst into fire.

NHK broadcast live footage of a Japan Airlines passenger jet JAL-516 on the runway at Tokyo Haneda Airport with flames shooting out its windows. The plane was completely consumed shortly after.

NHK reported that the coast guard plane pilot survived, but five members of his crew were killed. Officials confirmed that the Bombardier Coast Guard Dash-8 plane was involved.

Japan Airlines’ spokesperson confirmed that more than 300 passengers were aboard when the plane caught fire. NHK reported that all 379 passengers, crew and other passengers escaped the aircraft.


The fire was put out by several emergency vehicles using water and foam. The flames were too widespread on the plane.

Officials confirmed that JAL Flight 516 departed from Shin Chitose Airport in Japan and flew to Haneda. Haneda Airport is one of Japan’s busiest.

All services and runways at the airport have been suspended.