Chicago Mayor Claims Texas Governor Clinging To ‘Vestiges’ Of Confederacy With Migrant Transports

Chicago Democratic mayor Brandon Johnson invoked Confederacy when he complained on Sunday about Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott sending migrants into the Windy City.

Johnson, on CBS News “Face the Nation”, said that migrants who are transported to Chicago don’t get the same medical care as those at the border. However, he did acknowledge the “absolutely raggedy” and “reckless” nature of the border crossing process.

Johnson said, “But we can’t have a Governor who decides to cling on to the vestiges [of Confederate President] Jefferson Davis when we should be pulling towards the hopes and dreams that [black abolitionist] Frederick Douglass left behind.” We must have a coordinated reaction to this humanitarian emergency. We cannot let chaos dictate and divide this nation.

Abbott, as part of his “Operation Lone Star” campaign, has tried to bring attention to this issue by sending migrants on buses or flights to blue cities across the country. Texas sent its 120-person first flight to Chicago, last week.


In a Friday statement, his office stated that “Operation Lone Star is continuing to fill in the dangerous gaps caused by the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure our border.”

Johnson, like mayors of other large cities, such as New York or Washington, D.C., has raised the alarm over the struggles to care for so many people.

This is not sustainable. No local economy is able to support such a mission. We have tried to put structure in place and coordinate this humanitarian crisis,” Johnson stated.

The mayor said Abbott was “determined” to “continue to sow chaos” by using buses without “any coordination” between local officials, and placing migrants in airplanes which he described as a “very dangerous” task.

He added, “This is a matter not only of national security but also of the chaos this governor is determined to manage.”