House Votes to Censure Rashida Tlaib over Anti-Israel Comments

The GOP-led House of Representatives censured Rashida Tlaib, a member of the squad (D-MI), on Tuesday night for anti-Israel remarks she made.

Tlaib was censured by a vote of 234 to 188. Only 22 Democrats voted with 212 Republicans. Four Republicans voted against it, and another four voted present.

Rich McCormick, R-GA, who introduced the bill, said Tlaib was entitled to censure for her comments because she essentially called on the annihilation Israel through a video shared on X which included the phrase “from river to sea.”

What is it that is worthy of censure? McCormick asked on the House Floor: “If calling for the annihilation a nation and its people is not worthy of censure, then what else?”

Hamas is Gaslighting the World

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Hamas is Gaslighting the World
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Tlaib said that “from river to sea” did not mean the destruction of Israel.

“From the River to the Sea is an aspirational appeal for freedom, human right, and peaceful coexistence. Not death, destruction, nor hate.” “My work and advocacy are always focused on justice and dignity, no matter what faith or ethnicity,” said she.

Democrats and Jews reject the claim.

The website of the Anti-Defamation League stated that “it is fundamentally a demand for a Palestinian State extending from Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea, territory which includes the State of Israel. This would mean dismantling the Jewish State.” It is an antisemitic accusation that denies the Jewish right to determine their own destiny, which includes the removal of Jews in their ancestral homeland.

Tlaib was defiant when she spoke to the House on Tuesday.

She said, “It’s important to keep people and governments separate.” The idea that criticizing Israel’s government is antisemitic creates a dangerous precedent.