IRS visited Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi’s home same day as congressional testimony

According to Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Chairman, an IRS agent visited Matt Taibbi’s home on the same day as his congressional testimony about the weaponization government.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Jordan wrote Monday a letter to Daniel Werfel, IRS Commissioner, and the Department of Treasury in an effort to find out why the federal agent showed up at Taibbi’s New Jersey residence on March 9, and left a note.

According to reports, the note instructed Taibbi that he should call the IRS within four days.

He did so and was told by an agent that his 2021 and 2018 tax returns were rejected because of identity theft concerns.


Taibbi was deeply involved in researching the Twitter Files. These files were based on a collection of internal documents from the social media giant that expose biases in the company’s past content moderation and previous contacts with government officials.

Jordan’s committee was informed by the journalist about the visit of an IRS agent. This happened the same day that he spoke with House members at the Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of Federal Government to testify on his learnings from the Twitter Files.

According to the Journal, Taibbi provided the committee with documents that show his 2018 return was electronically accepted. The IRS has not told Taibbi or his accountants that there was an issue over the past 41/2 years.

He claimed that his 2021 return was rejected at first, then rejected again when he refiled.

Taibbi stated that neither case was a money issue and that the IRS owes him a substantial sum.

Taibbi clarified Monday night in a tweet that he was not interested in commenting on this letter.

Taibbi replied, “For those who are asking, I don’t want to comment upon the IRS issue pending an reply to chairman @Jim_Jordan’s letter.” “I am not concerned for myself, but I felt the Committee should know about the situation.”

The IRS visit was revealed by Taibbi, Democrats on the subcommittee and Michael Shellenberger, a fellow Twitter Files journalist.

Taibbi was a Rolling Stone reporter for many years. He responded to Stacey Plaskett’s jab at him by listing his career achievements and saying, “I’m not a so-called’ journalist.”