Police Arrest Man for Firebombing Pro-Life Group’s Office

Tuesday’s charges against a Wisconsin man stem from his alleged setting fire to the Wisconsin Family Action office May 22, right after the U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision Dobbs-v. Jackson was leaked.

Reuters reports that Hridindu Sankar Raychowdhury (29), was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts by federal authorities after they claimed DNA evidence linked him to the arson attack.

The suspect is a biochemist who was a former researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Romero Lab. Roychowdhury’s LinkedIn profile states that he has just started working for the Promega Corporation in Madison, Wisconsin. He appears to have also received an award for outstanding achievement as an undergraduate student at New Mexico State University College of Arts and Sciences.

Wisconsin Family Action is a pro-life group. Its Madison headquarters can be found. Its office was badly damaged by fire on May 8. Other graffiti, including the threat that “if abortions aren’t safe then you won’t either”, was also spray-painted on exterior walls. This attack was just one of many made against pro-life groups in the wake the Supreme Court leak.

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The U.S. Department of Justice stated that Roychowdhury was charged with trying to cause damage using fire or an explosive. He could spend up to 20 years prison if he is convicted.

According to the department, Roychowdhury was identified as a suspect by federal and local law enforcement including the Madison Police and FBI. This was based on DNA evidence at the crime scene.

More from Reuters:

According to Tuesday’s complaint investigators found DNA in the Molotov cocktail [a homemade flamebomb], a window, and a lighter. This DNA was identical to Roychowdhury’s DNA which law enforcement also recovered from a burrito-thrown away meal.

After investigating another graffiti incident at Wisconsin State Capitol, law enforcement identified Roychowdhury and traced a truck used to track it to the house where Roychowdhury lives.

According to the department, Roychowdhury could have tried to flee the country. Authorities said that he had traveled from Madison, Wisconsin, to Portland, Maine and then bought a one-way flight from Boston to Guatemala City (Gaz) on Tuesday. Roychowdhury was arrested by law enforcement at Boston Logan International Airport.

Shon Barnes, Madison Police Chief, said that he was proud of their persistence in finding a suspect.

Barnes stated in a statement that “for months, our detectives were committed to finding those responsible” for the arson. They never gave up, even when leads and tips were scarce. They are proof that hateful acts don’t belong in Madison. I salute their efforts and thank all federal partners who helped to make this possible.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael E. Hensle, Milwaukee Field Office, stated that his agency was “vigilant” during the lengthy investigation and worked with local authorities to find the culprit.

Hensle stated that the FBI investigates anyone who crosses the line between expression of protected personal beliefs and violations of federal laws. “We were vigilant throughout this investigation and worked together with our law enforcement partners in order to thoroughly and methodically address every aspect this act of violence. Today’s arrest is a result of these efforts and highlights law enforcement’s work to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Many pro-lifers are now questioning whether the Department of Justice under the direction of the prolife Biden administration has been deprioritizing criminal acts against churches and pro-life organizations. Only a handful of arrests were made despite hundreds of attacks over the past year.

Meanwhile, the attacks on First Care pregnancy center in Minneapolis, Minnesota continued. In advance of an anti-abortion protest, First Care Minneapolis pregnancy center was attacked with threats and windows were broken. At the University of Florida, two students were also arrested for allegedly taking materials from Created Equal and resisting arrest.

LifeNews logged approximately 250 attacks in 2022. This included the shooting of a Michigan elderly pro-lifer and 10 attempted arson attacks.

Christopher Wray, FBI Director, admitted in November that the majority of abortion-related attacks over the past year had targeted pro-life organizations.