KJP Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on the Disturbing Plans Democrats Have for Kids

Democrats are tone deaf when it comes to the rights of parents. They claim repeatedly that their children’s parents are not really theirs. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, is the most prominent of them. She’s currently making headlines because she said at the GLAAD media awards over the weekend that other people’s kids are “our children” and “they all belong to us.”

Jean-Pierre blasted “anti-transcommunity” bills in a Jezebel interview, claiming “that’s important because we need to call it out.” He also stressed how “the amount of legislation is historic.”

“I’ve met many parents of trans children in the last couple of months who have told these devastating stories,” she said, as she criticized Texas and Oklahoma for protecting minors against procedures that they can’t legally consent to. Parents from these and other states are now saying they have to “seriously consider leaving their state in order to protect their child”.

Jean-Pierre cried when she said “these kids are ours” and that “they belong to us all.”

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Washington’s warning to Christians
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Jean-Pierre’s remarks are dangerous for parents’ rights. It is tragic that Jean Pierre would say that parents should “protect their child”, when in reality, they could subject them to hormone therapy and puberty blocking drugs, as well as genital mutilation, sterilization, and other horrifying procedures.

Jean-Pierre, who acknowledged that “these kids” were children, should have known better than to subject them to such medical abuse.

One silver lining of Jean-Pierre’s and other Democrats “very clear” narrative about such a danger is that this transparency could awaken voters, especially parents, and empower to vote to “protect their children(ren)”.

In the Virginia 2021 elections, education and parental rights were major issues. The incumbent Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, defeat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe is a Democrat. McAuliffe famously said during a debate in September 2021 that “I do not think parents should tell schools what to teach.” This issue continues to be important as Republicans try to take control of both the state Senate and the House of Delegates.

RNC Research’s clipped remarks sparked the anger of Catholic Vote Ohio, Protect Women Ohio and Dr. Stanley Goldfarb from Do Not Harm.

“Miss Jean Pierre is right that the state has an important role to play in regards to children. This role is to protect the children from abuse, and their inability to make sound judgments. “That is why children can’t drive, smoke or vote,” said Dr. Goldfarb. The idea that children are capable of making informed decisions about their bodies and reproductive futures suggests that adults who support gender affirming care, especially those in the healthcare industry, betray these children.

In October last year, while appearing on NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” Vice President Kamala Harris remained firm in her belief that America’s youth were “our children.”

Joe Biden has also made chilling comments in this regard. Last month, at the National and State Teacher of the Year celebration, he quoted the teacher who was being honored as saying, “There is no such thing a someone else’s children.” “Our nation’s kids are all of our kids.”

Jean-Pierre acknowledged that she had used her large platform to raise the issue.

“I have called these pieces of legislation out many times from the podium. I have tried my best to reach out from the podium to the LGBTQ+ Committee and the trans community so they know that this administration will continue to fight for them, to have their back and to stand by them during a truly horrific and devastating time.

These remarks are similar to Jean Pierre’s remarks from the podium at the end of March when she said “our hearts go to those-the Trans community as they are being attacked right now”. Her remarks were made days after Audrey Hale who identified herself as trans shot and killed six persons, including three children, at the Covenant School.

Jean-Pierre has not only relied on a hysterical story, but she’s also misled people with reckless abandon. Jean-Pierre’s claims, made last month from the podium that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law forced gay teachers to remove pictures of their partners from their desks or censor classroom materials under threat of losing their licenses, were fact checked and given community notes.

Jen Psaki’s predecessor Jean-Pierre also gave media interviews last April in which she raged against Florida laws with hysteria.

Jean-Pierre ended her interview with a message to children who might be experiencing gender dysphoria that they are “superpowered”. According to the Jezebel article, Jean-Pierre spoke to “trans girls” in particular when she said, “We love you, We see you. Be who you’re.” You should be yourself and don’t let anyone tell otherwise. That is your superpower.