Leftist agitators storm House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office over AIDS funding

On Monday, a group of activists from the far left stormed Kevin McCarthy’s office in the House of Representatives (R-CA). They were heard chanting angrily for the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Program (PEPFAR), a programme that fights HIV/AIDS.

McCarthy’s House Speaker’s Office was filled with repeated declarations that “Pass PEPFAR Now, McCarthy.” A woman is wearing a shirt with the words “HIV-POSITIVE.”

Social media posts seem to indicate that one of the agitators has been arrested in relation to the incident.

“As activists of @housingworks & @HealthGAP were arrested for civil disobedience at Speaker McCarthy’s Office, it is a reminder that the existence of @PEPFAR today is due to brave activist direct actions targeting duty-bearers. Proud to be an activist! #ProudofPEPFAR,” read a posting on the X page for Health GAP. This advocacy group organized the protest with Housing Works.


Housing Works mentioned the protest, and stated that Charles King, its CEO, and Health GAP’s Executive Director Asia Russell were arrested, along with other people.

Newsweek reported the U.S. Capitol Police’s statement that “this morning, several individuals were demonstrating within a House Office Building.” USCP arrested 4 males, 3 females after the demonstrators refused stop demonstrating.