Nancy Pelosi: Expunging Trump impeachments is about McCarthy ‘being afraid’

Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker, accused Kevin McCarthy on Sunday of caving in to the former President Donald Trump’s whims and supporting the expungement his two impeachments.

Mr. Trump has been impeached two times during the speakership of Mrs. Pelosi, once for abuse and obstruction of Congress and again for inciting a riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Pelosi said, “This is all about fear,” on CNN’s State of the Union. “As I have said before, Donald Trump’s puppeteer.” What does he constantly do to bring the strings into the light? “These people look pathetic.”

Despite being twice impeached in a Democrat controlled House, Mr. Trump has been twice acquitted in the Senate.


McCarthy, a Republican from California, claims that one impeachment “was not based on truthful facts” while the other “was based on no due process.”

House Republicans are pressing for a vote on the floor to expel both impeachments. McCarthy, who is reportedly the frontrunner in the GOP presidential nomination race for 2024, reportedly promised this to Mr. Trump.

Mrs. Pelosi stated that Mr. Trump must be impeached for “undermining our national security” as well as “putting the wellbeing of our country at risk.”

She said, “We had no other choice. [Mr. Trump] was going to be impeached.” Kevin is playing politics. It’s unclear if he can even expunge constitutionally.”