Oversight Committee Subpoenas Banks For Biden Family Associates’ Financial Records: Report

According to reports, the House Oversight Committee issued subpoenas for several banks in order to obtain financial records from some Biden family associates.

These subpoenas are part of the Republicans’ investigation into President Joe Biden’s business dealings. Hunter Biden is being investigated by federal prosecutors for his foreign business dealings with countries like China and Ukraine, as well as tax matters.

Fox News reported that the chairman of the committee, James Comer (R – KY), subpoenaed Bank of America and Cathay Bank to JPMorgan Chase and HSBC USA N.A.

According to reports, the committee subpoenaed Mervyn Yan (a former business associate) for financial records.


Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member (D-MD), disclosed the subpoenas. He claimed that Republicans were conducting the probe “behind a veil” which ran counter to the Committee’s tradition of transparency and raises serious doubts about the integrity the investigation.

Comer attacked Raskin for disclosing the subpoenas and told Fox News that Raskin was trying to undermine the investigation.

“Ranking Member Raskin again revealed Committee’s subpoenas, in a cheap effort to hinder cooperation from other witnesses. The American people and media need to ask Ranking Member Raskin what information he is trying hide, given his behavior with the first subpoena bank. Comer stated that Ranking Member Raskin’s tricks should not be believed. “We have the bank records and the facts are not in the Biden family’s favor.”