Pelosi: Democrats ‘have to win this election’ following Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ remarks

Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House of Representatives (D-Calif.), highlighted the importance of the November elections on Sunday after the former President Trump warned that a “bloodbath’ would befall the auto industry if he didn’t win another term as president.

Trump, at a rally for his campaign in Ohio, on Saturday, called for a tariff of 100 percent on cars imported from outside the United States, stating that the industry could only be protected if he was in office.

“If I’m not elected, there will be bloodshed for everyone — and that’s the least of it.” Trump declared that it would be a bloodbath in the country.

His critics immediately seized upon the remarks and characterized them as an appeal for political violence.


Pelosi, who is a political opponent of the former President, said that the remarks show how important it was for Democrats to have Biden win his reelection.

Pelosi said to CNN’s Dana Bash during “State of the Union”: “We have to win the election, because he even predicts a bloodbath.”

What does it mean? Is he going to commit a massacre? Something is wrong. How grateful I am for the goodness of Americans. Pelosi went on to ask, “How much more must they see of him before they realize that this is not what our country stands for?” “Praising Hitler, praise the Russians… I mean, criticizing our soldiers who have lost or died in war, or been captured in war.”

Pelosi asked the American people to consider these issues when they go to the polls this November.

There’s something wrong. With all due respect for the voters’ right to decide, I would suggest that you weigh the equities. “How much do you care about women’s right to vote or the rights of LGBT people to live their lives that you would support him?”

Trump and his supporters have reacted to the media coverage that his Saturday remarks were taken out-of-context.

A Trump campaign account on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out an unlikely voice defending Trump.

In an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation”, former Vice President Mike Pence said that the president had clearly spoken about the negative impact of imported cars on the American auto industry.

Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, said: “Crooked Joe Biden’s campaign is engaging in deceptively out-of context editing that puts Roman Polanski in shame.”

“They are using judicial lawfare against their main political rival — President Trump — as he is crushing Joe at the polls. He added that there is no special medicine that can be injected into him to make him appear alive, act normally, or prevent him from constantly falling down.