Mexican artist crushes Tesla under giant stone head

On top of the crushed Tesla, a giant stone head that resembles an ancient Indigenous carving is placed. The scene is not a tragic accident but an art piece whose artist says he created it to provoke Elon Mots.

Chavis Marmol is a 42-year old sculptor from Mexico City who does not own a car. He travels on his bicycle. His idea was to use cranes to drop the nine-ton sculpture onto a blue Tesla 3 at Mexico City.

It is based on the Olmec colossal carvings, which are considered to be the first major Mesoamerican civilisation. A boutique hotel owned the lot in the Roma district, and teamed up Marmol.

The video, released by the Colima Hotel 71, shows the moment the car’s head was removed and its roof slowly caved in.

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Marmol, a Spanish-based artist, told AFP that he had created the piece as a way to troll Elon Musk. He added that it would be “incredible”, if Elon Musk saw it.

Look what I can do with your car. “This is bigger than you, and the rampant technology,” he said. His comments came a year after electric carmaker announced its plans to build an enormous factory in northern Mexico.

Ana Margarita Ongay, the artistic director of the hotel and Marmol had a discussion that led to the creation of the artwork.

She said: “He casually told me that his dream was to put an Olmec on a Tesla. At that moment, I said, ‘well let’s do this.'”

The car costs around $40,000 on Mexico’s used market.

Ongay added that the donor, whose name is not being revealed, helped.

Next, I had to find a stone to carve a head with big eyes and thick lips.

Installation of the sculpture was carried out in stealth.

Ongay stated that they wanted to preserve “the magic and mystery” of the creation, so the work could have an impact on the audience and start conversations.

What do I feel? What does Tesla represent to me? What does it mean to install a plant in Monterrey?” What is Musk’s contribution to us?”

Marmol stated that he was not bothered by the destruction of something worth $40,000. “It wasn’t my cash.”

He said, “Art is wonderful because it allows these atrocities.”