Trump: Election Day Will Be ‘Christian Visibility Day’

Former President Donald Trump declared the November elections would be “Christian Visibility Day”, in contrast to President Joe Biden declaring “Transgender Day of Visibility”, on March 31st, which coincided this Easter Sunday.

“The 5th of November, the day of the election, will be the most significant day in our country’s history.” The former president announced on his Truth Social page that it will be Christian Visibility Day and the largest turnout of Christians ever in our country’s history.

Breitbart reported that the president caused controversy this weekend by using Good Friday to declare “Transgender Day of Visibility”, which was on March 31. This coincided with Easter.

In his proclamation, Biden stated: “We recognize the courage and contributions made by transgender Americans. We also reaffirm America’s commitment to creating a better Union where everyone is treated equally and created as equals throughout their life.”


“THEREFORE, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. President of the United States of America by virtue of my authority granted by the Constitution and laws of the United States do hereby proclame March 31, 2024 as Transgender Day of Visibility. “I call on all Americans to join me in raising the voices and lives of transgender individuals throughout our Nation, and to work towards eliminating violence and discrimination that is based on gender identification,” he added.

The Trump campaign asked Biden to apologize.

Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign who spoke to Breitbart News Saturday, said: “It’s shocking and insulting that Joe Biden’s White House […] has declared Easter Sunday a ‘Trans Day of Visibility’.” These are two examples of the Biden Administration’s long-standing assault on Christian faith. We demand that Joe Biden and his failing campaign apologize to the millions Catholics and Christians in America who believe that tomorrow is only for one celebration — the resurrection Jesus Christ.