Trump, RNC score $65.6 million campaign haul in March

The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee announced on Wednesday that they raised over $65.6 million during March, finishing the month with more than $93.1 million cash in hand.

Michael Whatley, RNC Chairman, said that former President Donald Trump created a “fundraising monster.”

Mr. Whatley stated that “while he’s been the Republican Party’s presumptive candidate for less than one month, the RNC is one united operation focused on winning,” he said. “We are raising money and making strategic investments in order to increase voter turnout and protect the ballot. In just 31 weeks, we will win big.

The announcement came just a few days after Mr. Biden hosted an extravagant campaign fundraiser in New York City, which included former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. This event raised $26 million to support Mr. Biden’s reelection bid.

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Republicans are scrambling for financial advantage against Democrats who have a big lead in money.

Susie Wiles, Senior Adviser for the Trump Campaign, said: “Our campaign has worked with the RNC to steadily increase our fundraising efforts. Our March numbers show the overwhelming support that voters across the board have shown President Trump.”

Wiles continued, “President Trump is proud of his supporters, who are the backbones of our nation. They will help Republicans to win at every level of the election.”

Last month, the Trump campaign took over RNC operations. Mr. Whatley was elected as chairman and Lara Trump, Mr. Trump’s wife as co-chair. Chris LaCivita is the RNC’s chief of staff. He was Trump’s cocampaign manager.

This week, wealthy GOP donors will be expected to donate $33 million to the Trump campaign. They are also expected give the money for Save America PAC – the political action group that pays for Mr. Trump’s majority of legal expenses.