Trump supporters aren’t worried about ex-president’s ‘made up’ legal troubles

The former president Donald Trump is facing a mountainous legal burden, but at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year his most passionate supporters said it was all a joke and that it wouldn’t affect his campaign.

Mr. Trump has consistently resisted the four federal indictments and the 91 federal accusations they carry collectively against him. He claims that his legal problems are the result of the weaponization of the Department of Justice by his main political opponent, President Biden.

“It is all a lie,” said Robin Sonnier a 65 year old roofing company owner in Texas who attended CPAC.

Ms. Sonnier and friends flew from Texas to attend the conference where Mr. Trump will be speaking. She and her group were wearing matching canary yellow T-shirts, with T-R.U.M.P. stitched across the front in red sequins.


She told him that she has been a Trump supporter since the 1970s – long before he became a politician. In 2015, she had predicted his victory.

Since he stepped off the escalator, they’ve been after him. She said, “It’s all a lie.” “That man did nothing wrong.” There is no proof. Nothing. “It’s all a lie.”

Mr. Trump is soon to head to New York to face his trial on March 25, relating to the alleged payment of hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in 2016 during the election.

Many of Mr. Trump’s supporters are more concerned about the financial cost of his legal problems than the number of court appearances.

Reilly Grant, a young 25-year old working for a marketing company that uses social media influencers, was worried about Mr. Trump’s legal costs eating into his campaign fund.

Mr. Grant stated, “That is one of my greatest fears.”

Republicans worry that Mr. Trump, who is the frontrunner to win the GOP presidential nomination, will use the Republican National Committee (RNC) to pay his rising legal costs. He has already suffered two defeats in the Empire State earlier this year for defamation trials and civil fraud trials, and must pay more than $400m for both cases.

These concerns were raised when Mr. Trump named his daughter-in law Lara Trump co-chairperson of the organization.

Mrs. Trump, in her speech Thursday, defended her father by law. She echoed the claim that Mr. Biden was out to undermine the campaign of the former president.

Mrs. Trump said, “Joe Biden continues weaponizing his own Department of Justice to fight the man who is beating him in polls and is his No.1 political opponent.” “Mrs. Trump, this is straight out of the Soviet Union. This is straight from the Soviet Union, my ladies and gentlemen.

She declared, “We’ll see Donald J. Trump as the 47th President.”

Ben Carson, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump Administration, said to the attendees that “Trump is only guilty of representing the American people before anything else.”

The federal trial against Mr. Trump for election interference in Washington, D.C. is expected to begin in July. This date depends on the Supreme Court’s decision in the next few months regarding Mr. Trump’s appeal for immunity as president.

Erik Svane and his cat flew from Paris nearly nine hours to attend CPAC. Mr. Svane is in his 50s and has been working on a French conservative political blog for the past 20 years. He thought that the Supreme Court will intervene in Mr. Trump’s favor and not let “kangaroo court” decide who runs for election and who does not.

“I don’t think that is a fair trial and I can’t believe it happens in America,” said Mr. Svane. “I hope it will wake up more people to the rotten system that we currently have.”