AOC, Cori Bush Slammed for ‘Twisted’ Attack on AIPAC, Accused of Defending Hamas ‘Rapist Monsters’ over Victims

Rep. Cori bush (D-MO), a member of the far-left “Squad”, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), are facing criticism after they posted a “twisted attack” against the pro-Israel American Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in response to their efforts to raise awareness about the brutal sexual crimes committed by Hamas and warn that a ceasefire would only keep “rapist monstrosities” at power.

Israel released a preliminary report on Wednesday regarding the sexual violence committed during the October 7 massacre, the deadliest attack ever against Jews since the Nazi Holocaust. The incident resulted in approximately 1,200 deaths in the Jewish state and over 5,300 other injuries. At least 241 hostages, including children, were taken. Nearly 130 of them remain in Gaza. Most of the victims were civilians, including dozens of Americans.

AIPAC responded by arguing that a ceasefire would keep these rapists monsters armed in Gaza.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared to defend the terrorist group within hours of posting the article while adopting a victim’s stance.

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She wrote: “It’s appalling how AIPAC targets women members of Congress that have survived sexual abuse with such horrific rhetoric.” “Each day, the role of AIPAC in US politics grows more scandalous.”

She added, “They are like the NRA in foreign policy.” “Ofcourse they don’t desire a ceasefire.”

Rep. Cori bush, who posted on Thursday, said that her post was “followed by Rep. Bush’s” and that the tactic used by AIPAC to exploit rapes is “outright vile.”

She wrote: “Their playbook is based on bullying, lying and harassment to intimidate the public and force those who call for a ceasefire to submit.” “It will not stop us.”

AIPAC responded by calling it “appalling”, that Ocasio Cortez would “spread toxic lies about pro Israel Americans, but will not condemn Hamas’ systematic rapes of Israeli women,” accusing of her “pure anti-Israel hypocrisy” and “hatred.”

Other social media users also called out the radical Squad.

Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-TX wrote: “You can’t speak for us all. And the squad isn’t the lone member of Congress that has experienced sexual assault.” Stop playing the victim. Hamas uses rape in war, and that’s wrong.

She added, “For God’s Sake, Call it Out!”

Rep. Mike Collins, R-GA, wrote: “Maybe that’s why Israel and AIPAC do not want a truce with the terrorists who you support” pointing to an article about Hamas’s brutal sexual crimes.

“Didn’t you just say that female members of Congress are offended by your condemnation of Hamas because it commits sexual atrocities on women? “I am finding it difficult to distinguish where your stupidity and venality begin,” wrote David Friedman, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel under the Trump administration.

“Is this woman a monster or a woman?” “How dare @AOC to criticize AIPAC, for bringing her attention to the systematic rape of Israelis by Hamas on October 7,” wrote Ellie Cohanim. She is a broadcast journalist and former Deputy Special Envoy at the United States Department of State to monitor and combat anti-Semitism.

She added, “Any victim of sexual assault would stand up for other victims.” “Cortez & the Squad instead stand with the rapists, while trying to quiet Jews.”

“This joke by a Congressman @AOC has clearly been disturbed. This is so twisted. “How sick AOSick this person must be!” wrote Dov Hikind of the former New York State Assemblyman, who is also chairman of Americans Against Antisemitism.

He added: “It is shocking that, while you claim to be for women’s right, you refuse to condemn Hamas’ systematic rape of Israeli girls and women, and attack @AIPAC instead.”

Arsen Osrovsky, an international human rights lawyer, wrote: “You have no sense of shame.”

Dave Rubin, a conservative commentator, wrote: “You’re a f***ing fool.” I’ll be happy to have Community Notes fact-check that …”

Marina Medvin, a conservative lawyer and commentator, wrote: “AOC compares itself to the victims of the October 7 terrorist attacks and claims victimhood based on her gender because she was told to [checks notes]…consider the hostages.”

David Draiman wrote, “Oh, for the love God, STFU now,” the lead singer of the American heavy-metal band Disturbed. Call for #ReleaseTheHostages and #Hamas surrender. For the #Palestinians, to have a real future. Or just sit down and allow the adults to handle the situation.

As an alleged victim of rape, you are saying that you support terrorists who have done things like this against women. “I got it,” wrote Yaakov Strasberg, an independent journalist.

Your refusal to condemn Hamas’ rapists, is vile. “And hopefully this summer you will lose your primary,” said StopAntisemitism. The group is dedicated to combating antisemitic incitement.

Adar Rubin, an activist against Jewish hatred, wrote: “There cannot be any more radio silence. The backlash must be louder and bipartisan.” “Over the last few days, Cori, AOC and Rashida have made it clear they will not denounce Hamas’ sexual violence and rape.”

He added, “They should be kicked out from the Democratic Party.”

Israel has released a report detailing the sexual violence committed by Hamas in the terror attack of October 7, as compiled and compiled by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel.

Based on eyewitness reports and forensic evidence the findings reveal horrifying instances of rapes, sexual assaults, and mutilations against both genders. The violence was often carried out in public and the victims’ families were forced to witness it, which added to their humiliation. Hamas’ deliberate sexual violence strategy, which includes sadistic practices and mutilation, is highlighted in the report.