Teamsters report first major GOP donation in years, surprising Republicans

The party has not yet received the money, causing confusion.

According to Federal Election Commission reports the Teamsters donated $45,000 to the Republican National Committee convention fund as Trump and Biden compete for blue-collar support in swing states before this year’s elections.

The reported contribution does not constitute an endorsement. It’s still a powerful statement coming from a union which has supported every Democratic presidential candidate since Al Gore.

The Washington Post reported that this is the first major donation by Teamsters to the RNC in four years.

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A source familiar with RNC said that yes, the party has received the check, but it is not clear if the RNC heard about the contribution.

The Teamsters released a statement on Thursday stating that the donation “was issued” last month and “will soon be sent.”

Kara Deniz, a spokesperson for the Teamsters Union, said that the union follows “a strict internal auditing process and reports before any contributions are sent.”

Deniz stated that the process takes time, just like in Washington.

According to FEC data, the union’s PAC donated on Jan. 25.

In the same month, Trump had a private meeting with Teamsters President Sean O’Brien.

On Jan. 31, the former president participated in a roundtable discussion with the union.

Trump said, “We had an extremely strong meeting with Teamsters,” at the time. He also added that he believed he would have a “good chance” of securing the union’s support.

Biden has already won the UAW’s support. He has promised for years to be the “most pro-union president” in U.S. History.

In states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, where the outcome of the presidential election could be decided by union support, both candidates are preparing for a rematch.

Reality check: Teamsters continue to give overwhelmingly to Democrats.

The Post reports that O’Brien said the Biden Administration has been “great for unions.”

The union’s PAC contributed a total amount of $135,000 in December to the DNC, including $45,000 towards its convention fund.

Deniz says that this will be the first year since 2000 when the union participates in the conventions of both parties.

She said, “All our members will be heard in the Teamsters, regardless of their party.”